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What Is A Swing Space?


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Swing spaces are temporary office spaces a company or team can use. This arrangement is typically short-term and usually used when a company is waiting for its permanent office to be built or renovated.

Basically, if your company is upsizing, resizing, moving, renovating, dealing with water damage, or so, then you’re a candidate for swing workspaces.

What to look out for in a swing space

There’s a lot to consider before choosing the right fit for your team. However, one thing should be clear – dont settle for just any space.

Granted, it’s a short-term thing. One might think – The construction crew will be done soon and you’ll be back to your old (or new) office. Surely, you can survive in an uncomfortable space for a few weeks?

No! You can’t and you shouldn’t.

It’s a known fact that the wrong type of work environment can affect productivity levels. Just because this swing space is a temporary option, doesn’t mean it should feel that way.

Here are a few things to look out for –

  • Lunch/break room
  • Fast and secure Wi-Fi
  • Printing/copier stations
  • Functional conference rooms
  • Cleaning services
  • Brainstorming area properly fitted with a whiteboard

You want to ensure that you have the following basic amenities as well – coffee, snacks, tea, water, high-speed Wi-Fi, printing services, kitchen potentially fitted with a fridge and microwave, standing desks, phone booths, etc.

Benefits Of Using Swing Spaces

  1. Convenience

The major benefit of swing spaces is in the overall definition of the concept – the provision of a comfortable workstation that lets you keep your business running while waiting on a more permanent location.

  1. Cost-Effective

There are hardly any businesses that can survive without technology. By taking advantage of a coworking space or a purpose-built space, you will save countless hours (and money), as your swing space will likely come fitted with all the ‘techy’ stuff you need. Some even take things a step further to include an IT support team available to help you.

  1. Backup Plans

Swing spaces could complement your usual workstation. Say you’re about to close a new deal or currently working on a project that requires frequent client or team meetings. You could get a swing space to cater to those needs if your current place cannot handle them.

  1. Increased Productivity

With an annexed location nearby, there will be less focus on the commute – so that employees can focus on other more productive tasks.

  1. Less Setup

Another major selling point of swing spaces is the convenience they afford. If your swing space comes fully furnished, just about everything you need to run your business is available.

This means you can move in immediately without the added stress of furnishing and buying new items/moving your stuff from the old office.

  1. Flexibility

Unlike renting a typical office building, short-term swing space leases are far more flexible. The whole concept revolves around providing you with a short-term option with all the necessary resources.

  1. Analytics

Swing spaces with the right technology can make it easier for the company’s management to keep an eye on their team members. With access to bookings and schedules, it’s easy to see who clocks in to work and when.

  1. Healthy work culture

Swing spaces help to maintain a healthy work culture since the company can still hold in-person meetings, conferences, and such. This is an excellent way to improve team collaboration and promote socialization, which of course help build a more productive team.

Choosing a swing space for your company –

Start by defining your needs. To cut down on expenses, determine exactly what your needs are here and work with that picture in mind.

Just because your old office space had seven rooms and six bathrooms doesn’t mean you should find a swing space with the same specifications. Anything you can do without can be left out of your new swing space requirements.

Are Swing Spaces Worth It?

Now, that’s a valid question. You’re probably wondering whether you should find and rent a swing space. Well, you’ve seen the benefits. They’re rather tempting.

If you’re still a bit conflicted, here are a few scenarios where swing spaces can come in handy. If your company falls into any of these categories, then you should definitely consider swing spaces – 

  • Expansion of your business resulting in the need for more space
  • Renovation/reconstruction of your office
  • Starting up a new company
  • Provision of space for temporary staff/contractors.

Let DropDesk help you out here

At DropDesk, we specialize in providing short-term office spaces that offer your team ultimate flexibility.

Additionally, you can enjoy convenient leasing options that are sure to fit your plans, budget, and resource requirements.

To get started finding a flexible workspace with DropDesk, here’s what you need to do –

  • Pick a suitable plan

DropDesk understands how different companies have different needs when it comes to office spaces. You could sign up for the on-demand option where you pay only when you need space. Otherwise, reach out to our team and create a custom plan.

With the team plan, you get access to curated workspaces, meeting rooms, team dashboard, and reporting for your team members.

You could even take things a step further and get the Enterprise deal that gives you access to your very own HQ and annex locations!

  • Find a perfect location

With DropDesk, the possibilities are limitless. There are numerous DropDesk spaces in the United States. All you need is to browse the selection for your exact needs.

Go ahead and check into your preferred space. You can rest easy knowing this space has been thoroughly vetted.

Regardless of your needs, you’re in luck. With DropDesk, you can book co-working spaces, meeting rooms, or custom-built swing spaces for your team.

And with so many spaces available, you’re sure to find something in your City. If for some reason, you don’t find something close to you, we can find a custom location for you.

Reach out to us at DropDesk for more information.

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