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What Is Temporary Office Space?


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Do you have a business that doesn’t need a full-time office, but still needs a physical presence from time to time?  Do you need to rent a space for a day, week or a few months as you renovate your office?  Then you may want to consider a temporary office space.

Temporary office space is a creative solution that will not only help to meet your business needs, but comes with a variety of benefits – from flexible leases to infrastructure, to lower overhead compared to other types of office space.

If you want to learn more about temporary office spaces and their benefits, continue reading below.

What is a temporary office space?

To put it in simple terms, temporary office space allows you to lease or rent workspace on flexible terms.  Depending on the office provider you select, you can use an office by the hour, day or even months on end.  Also, just like the period of time, you can rent these workspaces and temporary workspaces which vary in size. You can lease mini-suites, team spaces, private offices, coworking spaces and others that can meet the needs of both your team and business.

Even if you have a permanent workplace, you can benefit from utilizing a temporary office.  This kind of office space allows you to take advantage of a variety of amenities that exist in the building.  Many offices come with kitchens, fast Wi-Fi, copiers and printers, meeting rooms, audio-visual hardware and many more qualities vital for productivity.

The benefits of a temporary space

So why rent a temporary office?  These spaces offer you all the features and amenities of your permanent or regular workplace, for a minimal fee.  Besides these, here’s a list of other additional benefits of temporary office spaces.


Today, the success of many businesses depends on technology.  Technology is part of every day-to-day business activity in most offices, from office automation to real-time collaboration that goes beyond document sharing.

However, small businesses or companies often have a small budget to pay for the IT services required for office automation.  Thankfully, most temporary office spaces come integrated with IT infrastructure, meaning small businesses won’t have to spend an exorbitant amount on IT services. 

Businesses can access a variety of technologies, which can smooth their operation and boost productivity.  These technologies include a constant Wi-Fi connection, video conferencing equipment, smartboards, etc.   Some offices have dedicated IT, support teams, on-site who can solve any problems that may arise.


It’s sometimes difficult to predict the growth of your business over time and, therefore, it’s difficult to foresee how the needs of your workplace will transition over the years.  Because of this reason, it’s crucial you enter into a flexible lease agreement rather than signing a long-term lease.


You might not think comfort is an important aspect of a workspace, but it is.  A comfortable workspace will help your team to stay focused, engaged and productive while working.  Besides your team, comfortable workplaces will also impress your customers who might visit during work hours.

Low Overhead

Setting up a new office is a costly and overwhelming process.  It involves lots of activities, including finding the right office space, shopping for high-quality, comfortable furniture, buying new supplies and tools, etc.

However, when you opt for temporary office workspaces, you get to eliminate all the costs linked with furnishing an office and buying expensive tools.  Most temporary workplaces come already equipped with the hardware your team needs to tackle the largest and most complex projects – from comfortable furniture, printing facilities, phone services and monitors to lightning-fast Wi-Fi.


Loneliness is quite common when working from home or in isolation, no matter how many employees you have.  Loss of company culture and community can significantly reduce the productivity of your remote teams.  By allowing your remote teams to use temporary office spaces, you can keep collaboration at an all time high.


Security is a crucial factor that is most often overlooked.  Most temporary office spaces offer their users 24/7 security which includes a key card or fingerprint access. These security features will ensure that your business and employees’ property are safe for the period during which you use the space.

Fast and Easy Setup

Relocating from one office to another can be stressful and time-consuming.  But, most temporary workplaces make this process hassle-free.  They set up your furniture, install the necessary hardware, decorate the workspace and ensure that all the utilities work.  So, all you have to do is to report to work in the morning and continue with your business as usual. 


Motivation will always keep your team active and improve their productivity.  The best way to inspire motivation is to allow your team to work in a positive, professional atmosphere.  The positive environment, coupled up with added socialization, will energize your team and motivate them to work towards success.

Is it right for your business?

You’re likely wondering why you would ever need a temporary office when you have your current office all set up and working well.   But the truth is, a temporary office is not just a solution for when you’re renovating your office.  It’s a solution to many other problems your traditional office setting might be facing.

Here are several examples of how a temporary office can come in handy:

  • When your business has outgrown its traditional office and requires additional space.
  • When your permanent space is undergoing reconstruction. 
  • When you are just starting your small business.
  • If you employ seasonal staff or project-based employees and need to have more space for them to work.
  • If you’re a digital nomad and need to maintain a virtual office when you’re away from home.
  • If you run a startup company and your current space is no longer big enough for regular work and meetings.
  • If you’ve traveled to another country and you need a place to get your business off the ground.

And these are just a few examples – the list is endless.

In some cases, a temporary office space can actually become a long-term office situation.  Most small and large companies today use temporary office spaces as their long-term solution, especially since COVID-19.

Furthermore, the cost of leasing a temporary workspace is low compared to renting an expensive office and paying out of pocket to set up all of the infrastructure. 

Final Thoughts

Temporary office space is the perfect solution for any business that has outgrown its traditional office space and requires additional workspace.  It’s also the ideal place for individuals and businesses that desire to work in an environment that promotes productivity and motivates success.

That being said, a temporary workplace will help you save more money while receiving all the benefits associated with a traditional work environment.



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