Earn More From Your Space

DropDesk helps you earn money by maximizing the use of your unused space.

Why Host With DropDesk? 

DropDesk offers multiple ways you can seamlessly promote your space.

Marketplace- List any packages you would like to promote to the DropDesk community.

DropDesk Pass – Market your space to hybrid-first companies and allow them access to your open space.

Marketing Services- Work with our team of real estate marketing experts to attract leads in your area.

How It Works

1. Pick Your Hours

Decide how you want to host by choosing the days and seats you want to make available to DropDesk members.

2. Promote Your Inventory

List diverse packages such as office space, conference rooms and coworking packages on our Marketplace.

3. Users Book

When a DropDesk member books your space, you are alerted by email and notified in your venue dashboard to verify bookings.

4. Get Paid

DropDesk processes all the bookings and pays you on the 15th of every month. No need to invoice.

Spaces We Work With

For Restaurants

Earn more money and gain visibility during your slow or unused hours without changing any operations by converting your restaurant into a coworking space.

For Retail Spaces

Earn money and increase foot traffic by converting your retail space into a part-time or full-time coworking space.

For Companies

Cover rent and acquire new clients by transforming your corporate headquarters into a coworking space that compliments your normal business hours.

For Coworking Spaces

DropDesk helps coworking spaces make more money by marketing their workspace to an on-demand community.

For Event Spaces

Increase revenue by adding coworking as an additional service to your event space.

For Landlords

Have underutilized lobbies or vacant rooms? Maximize your revenue by adding coworking as an amenity to your portfolio.

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