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From individuals to large companies, our Workspace-as-a-Service platform can help you find workspace space or earn money as a host.


Book open desks, office space, meeting rooms, or any inventory listed on the DropDesk Marketplace.


Whether you are office-only, hybrid, or remote, Easily manage workspaces for your teams and track insights.


Easily manage your flex real-estate portfolio, attract better talent, and scale your office footprint.


DropDesk helps you retain customers, acquire more leads, and increase revenue for your brokerage.


Maximize revenue and reach new customers. Manage and market your space on our all-in-one platform.


Create a flexible workspace with DropDesk. We give you all the tools to save time, manage your space, and be significantly more profitable.


Earn money by promoting DropDesk. Help companies save money, reduce commute times, and increase workspace happiness.

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We help small and medium-sized companies fast-track visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation.

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