Find The Right Balance Between Remote Work And The Office

No brokerage fees, security deposits or long-term commitments.

Forget Everything You Know About Finding Workspace

Whether you are office-only, hybrid or remote, we make it easy to access on-demand workspaces through our workspace-as-a-service platform. Easily manage your teams, and track insights.

Stop Wasting 

Reduce your office space costs and allow your team to use space when and where they need it.

No Leases or Commitments

Access our locations without the need to pay brokers, security deposits, or sign a long-term lease.

Space Designed With You In Mind

If you don’t see a location near you, our team will find custom locations that fit your needs for free.

Management Made Easy

Gain visibility over-bookings and time used, so you can see who is working, and when.

Retain Company Culture

No one likes to work in complete isolation. Retain company culture by offering in-person meetings.

Increase Productivity

Less commute time means more time checking off the tasks and projects on the to-do list.

Happier Employees

Working close to home means more time with the family and a better work-life balance.

Employer Analytics

Make data-driven decisions on employee scheduling, hiring, and management with complete confidence.

For Companies

The future of work is flexible. Help make your team’s work-life more fulfilling, attract better talent, hire and scale globally.

On-Demand Marketplace

Book open desks, office space, meeting rooms, or any inventory listed on the DropDesk marketplace.

Hybrid Workspace Solutions

No matter where your team works, easily offer the option to work from home, a local network of spaces, or your HQ through one platform.

Workplace Management Software

Manage your workspace by automating room bookings, desk reservations and workplace analytics.

For Workspaces

With DropDesk you can maximize revenue from your unused space and reach new customers with us.

Become a Host

List your inventory on the DropDesk marketplace to reach new clientele and attract leads.

Lead Generation

Maximize leads by leveraging high-converting landing pages and featured blogs.

Agency Services

Need help with your own digital marketing? Work with the team that set the standard on how to market CRE.

Grow your distributed teams with DropDesk.