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The Smarter Way To Manage Your Workplace

Give employees an easy way to book desks, conference rooms and manage their hybrid schedule when in the office.

DropDesk’s Workplace Platform

Meeting Room Software

Easily book meeting space, track attendance and prevent conflicts.

Desk Booking Software

Allow employees to book or reserve desks at your space to maximize space use.

Workplace Analytics

Track how your space is being used by your team and optimize your floor plan.

Monetize Unused Space

Have underutilized space? Market your inventory on DropDesk and get paid.

Conference Room Booking Software

Book meeting rooms with ease using our real-time booking software. Simplify how you manage and track room usage.

Hot Desk Booking Software

Using our simple desk software, you can easily book desks, set capacities and schedule when your team can use space.

Workplace Analytics

Onboard your team members, manage permissions, track usage and gain insights into how your space is being used.

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