We’ve spent over 10 years perfecting marketing tactics and condensed them all into one course. Learn how to fast-track visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation.

After perfecting our strategy, we shared it with businesses from all walks of life, and pretty quickly these businesses we’re running successful SEO and Content Marketing Strategies.


Hi, I’m Graham. What I am about to tell you is going to completely reshape how you look at marketing.


You have been misled by agencies and marketing teams…


Marketing is simple. At least the CONCEPTS behind marketing are simple.  Agencies and SEO teams have over complicated the industry to create doubt. By doing this, they are creating a sense of reliance so you never stop paying them.


Marketing agencies make their money by signing “low-effort” clients. This means that they hope you will not over engage their resources, allowing them to devote more time to signing new prospects.


For example it’s better to have 5 clients that barely call you and pay each month than 5 clients that are constantly following up on campaigns and require much more of your time.


How can you scale an agency without “low-effort” clients? You CAN’T. For this very reason, the marketing industry is broken. 


I see ads like these all the time:


  • Get clients on autopilot
  • How to find EASY clients that will pay you high service fees.
  • How to scale your marketing agency


All of these ads are focused on acquiring new customers (not serving YOU) or the businesses that they support. 


How can these agencies get clients in every industry without having a reasonable level of expertise in each niche they are marketing to?


The truth is marketing is a full-time endeavor and you need industry expertise to be successful, so working with a company that’s trying to put the least effort into your marketing campaigns for the max amount of service fees isn’t such a good idea.


So what is the answer? 


Do you have an understanding of your industry or know of any competitors in your industry?


Do you have an idea of what keywords are important to your business?


If you answered Yes to the above questions, you are perfectly positioned to save the money you would pay to an agency and take over your business’s marketing strategy.


How can I do this if I know nothing about marketing? Keep Reading.


10 years ago I set out to start a company that would change the way students connected with tutors. I invested over $20,000 building a platform that fell on its face. We just didn’t know how to market the concept.  It was a painful learning experience to say the least. 


I decided that from that point moving forward I would educate myself in digital marketing. That was the point when I fell down the digital marketing rabbithole of SEO. I took online courses, and read from the top industry publications. The information was overwhelming. Technical analysis, onpage SEO, OffPage, PR, etc. the list goes on. How could I ever learn all of this with a business to run?


Feeling a little defeated, I ended up hiring an agency thinking with their experience and marketing know-how they would do a much better job. I paid 2,000/mo. to the marketing agency for SEO, Content Marketing, and PPC services. 


From everything I read, I thought I knew what needed to be done to at least manage the team. Man was I wrong. The marketing agency followed their typical process, which was using a template for outreach, blogs, paying independent contractors to attempt to get links. 


They told me I should trust their process, as these same methods worked with other clients. That’s when something clicked.


  • How could using templates work? 
  • How could this provide value to my customers?
  • If it was typical for an agency to use the same tactics in a click, whirl format wouldn’t they become less effective in the long-term?


Clearly customers will be desensitized to the same types of content or methods. Not surprisingly, the campaigns showed no results and the team was fired shortly after. Feeling burned for the second time, I promised myself I would find out what it really took to market and build a profitable website or business.


Fast forward a few years:


  1. I created a mobile app that received over 50 million downloads
  2. I invested in a coworking brand and built it into a highly trafficked website.
  3. I have worked with both small to public companies teaching them how to get media coverage, and other inbound marketing tactics.


So what changed? 


I realized that at the end of the day marketing should be about the value you are providing to the end user. Using this same methodology of value-based marketing, I was able to clearly identify and market to customers who were in demand for my products.


How can you do the same? 


I am not going to sell you a template, quick fix, or a general solution. That doesn’t work. 


I have condensed 10+ years of digital marketing experience into my online marketing bootcamp, where I provide over-the-shoulder tutorials on how you can take a concept from an idea to a profitable site.


Most bootcamps will give you a certification or badge at the end of their course, I’m not into that. I believe to be an expert, you have to always be learning.  


For that very reason, you will receive lifetime access to my course for a one-time fee of $999. That means any new materials, videos, or tactics added are totally free.


Save your money and invest in yourself. For less than 1 month of paying an agency, you will come out of this course with the skills you need to create a high growth website.

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