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Amenities You Need To Convert Your Restaurant Into A Coworking Space


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If partnering with a platform such as DropDesk, it’s critical to provide guests with useful amenities that create an effective coworking environment. Below is a list of fundamental services and extra conveniences to craft a coworking space that will bring guests back.

9 Amenities to Host a Successful Coworking Space

1. Wifi. Every coworking space must have internet. With most freelancers and remote workers working on their laptops, fast and reliable internet is expected. There are many different providers through which you can obtain wifi for your business. Choose the right broadband, set up a guest network and hotspot, and make your wifi secure by consistently changing the password.

2.  Coffee. Many people will enjoy and expect access to coffee while working.  Offer complimentary brew in a self-serve fashion so guests feel a sense of agency and comfort in your space. Keep your own local brew or your guests’ favorite strand on tap. You can even provide specialty drinks at a price, or you can provide a self-serve gourmet coffee option so guests can make lattes or iced coffee with the push of a button. Keep high-quality coffee supplies and equipment on hand to always meet your guests’ needs.

3. Tea. Having a variety of tea options free of charge will further create an inviting, luxurious environment for guests. Offer both caffeinated and non-caffeinated options.

4.  Snacks. Provide plenty of snacks for your guests. You can procure snacks in bulk as an affordable option for your business. If guests know your coworking space has healthy or attractive snack options, they will be more likely to choose your space over another.

5.  Computer Desk Options. While your tables and chairs may suffice for many freelancers and remote workers, offering contemporary computer desk options can further attract a larger customer base. Desk bases enable users to places their laptop on a stand, improving comfort. Some versions extend to create a portable standing desk. The standing desk is an increasingly popular option for office dwellers and remote workers alike who are looking to stay active and alert throughout the day. Consider renting these out to guests or offering them as a complimentary amenity. If your coworking space is in a restaurant, provide them free of charge with a meal purchase.

7.  Printers. Whether preparing notes for a meeting or printing out a contract, individuals will appreciate the convenience of a printer on hand for their needs. Consider adding a bluetooth or Wi-Fi printer for a tech-friendly option. If you operate a coworking space in a vacant restaurant spot, a high-grade printer may also prove useful to your restaurant business for printing out menus, specials, or front- and back-of-house employee notes and guides.

8.  Projector Screen. Many freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small companies may need to give presentations or utilize a large screen for meetings. If your space is conducive to hosting meetings or trainings, a projector screen is an excellent amenity to provide your guests. If there is not a specific area in your space that is viable for hosting meetings, consider allowing guests to reserve your whole space for a certain amount of time. This enables you to cater to both the individual worker and those who need to work in groups or host a client meeting. Offering a projector screen is another unique draw to your space that will allow guests to show videos, presentations, powerpoints, and much more. There are many projector screen options available that are collapsible for easy storage to keep your space looking sharp and professional.

9. Restaurant POS. When converting your restaurant into a coworking space, you’ll want to make sure your restaurant is operating as efficiently as possible. Using restaurant technology, like Upserve, allows restaurant owners to see analytics and insights on their restaurant’s performance, while also giving them the advantages of online ordering, inventory management, and employee scheduling. Once you understand your operations and schedule, the conversion into a coworking space will be much more efficient.

Keeping your coworking space stocked with unique and essential amenities is critical to gaining loyal guests. Asking guests for feedback, sending questionnaires, and paying attention to the needs of your customer base is a surefire way to create a comfortable, thriving coworking space.

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