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Find the Best WeWork Alternatives


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Valued at $47 billion dollars, WeWork is currently one of the world’s most recognizable coworking space brands. It leases fully-stocked office space to single entrepreneurs, startup teams, and multinational companies.

Membership at one office grants you 24/7 access to any of the 600+ global locations, offering traveling executives the opportunity for international cultural immersion. The brand rose to prominence by offering amenities popularized by Silicon Valley startups to its members. Beer kegs, artisan coffee, and the promise of inclusion in a community are vital components of the WeWork experience.

But the monthly membership price tag is steep. A single desk in Austin, Texas, for example, ranges from $410 to $1,000 a month – car parking fees not included. However, a plethora of new coworking spaces have opened their doors, offering very attractive alternatives to WeWork.

Here are seven alternative coworking space options worth considering.


Founded in 1989, Regus is one of the largest office property management brands. It offers everything WeWork does — at a slightly lower price.

The coworking desk rates range from $110-300 a month for a coworking space in Austin, TX. That comes with all the standard stuff: a desk, and rentable conference rooms.

Choose from a first-come, first-serve coworking area, or get a dedicated desk in a coworking office. The main benefit is the vibe. The type of people who work at a Regus office are focused on actually working. As you walk through the halls, you’ll see offices with university degrees and certificates on the walls.

Regus coworking spaces feel like a place where you go to work — and just work. It’s a delightful throwback to a seemingly bygone era where you were expected to act like an adult at the office. It’s a strong WeWork alternative for people who need an environment in which they can conduct complicated tasks uninterrupted.

The Wing

Designed for women, this new-ish coworking space is only available in hot tech hubs like Seattle, San Francisco, and New York. It’s a niche-oriented, coworking space designed for females.

Inspired by women’s clubs of the 1920s, the founders built the place with the mission to connect women for business partnerships, friendship, and mentoring. The interiors are unusual, with a 1960s beauty parlor meets high tea room vibe.

Also unique: The Wing publishes a magazine and a podcast called No Man’s Land. This is a fascinating option for women who need a safe space to work at a reasonable price. Clocking in at $250 a month for a membership with a San Francisco home base, The Wing is worth a tour.


DropDesk is a technology company that partners with landlords and local businesses to turn unused space (during slow or closed periods) into pop up coworking spaces.

Find a place to get work done based on what you need, like a coworking space, event space, or a meeting room through the app. Available on Android, iOS, and the web, DropDesk helps you find work space in major metropolitan areas of the US, like New York, Chicago, and Boston.

Use filters to find the amenities that you need, such as car parking, 24/7 access, or a kitchen. Choose a “Drop Zone” to reserve a space for as long as you need it, whether that’s an hour or a month.

It’s a superb option for traveling professionals. Unlike WeWork, DropDesk doesn’t require a long-term commitment! Just drop in, find a desk, and get to work.


This coworking space has premium spaces in trendy locations — at premium prices. Industrious offers all the basic stuff, like private offices and reservable conference rooms.

Most of the interiors seem fashioned in the spirit of a botanical, Scandinavian parlor. The cold brew coffee bottles, and downtown views are sure to get loads of Instagram hearts. Industrious is more or less the same experience as WeWork, but still worth checking out.


Coworker.com is a novel way of finding a coworking space in more than 163 countries. Find coworking spaces with unique filters, such as “rural escapes” and “near a beach.” The type of space options are simple and geared towards solo travelers.

Choose from an open floor plan or a private office. Book a coworking space on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Read reviews of the place before you make the reservation or leave one as you wait for your flight to transport you to your next adventure.

Coworker.com is a must-bookmark for international digital nomads who are looking for places to conduct business, while living the dream.

Davinci Meetings & Coworking

The appeal of booking a work space here is that you can reserve one in real time. Although clunky and not so pleasant on the eyes, the website lets you book a conference room or a seat at a coworking table based on what’s available right now.

The offices are rather barebones, but generally close to areas that are convenient for traveling executives. They also offer virtual offices, which boils down to live receptionist services and a snail mail address that you can list on your website and business cards.

While you can book spaces for events, no personal parties are allowed. Business events only. Listed as one of Utah’s fastest growing companies, Davinci is an affordable coworking space option.


LiquidSpace is an interesting way to see how much office space costs. It’s a real-time network for commercial real estate bookings. It partners with venues and real estate professionals to feed information into a web app that lets you lease turnkey work space.

It also lets you rent novel coworking spaces. Buy a day pass to work from a dinner-only restaurant that’s usually only open at night. Or book an office for your team at an hourly rate. Find work space in major US and Australian cities through the website at an hourly, daily or monthly rate.


Whether you need one desk in a coworking area, or a place for your whole team, you have options all over the world. With so many to choose from, it can be tough to decide on a space that’s perfect for you.

We hope our list of WeWork alternatives will set you on the right path to finding your next favorite coworking space!

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