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The Farm Soho Coworking Alternatives


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There’s no doubting the positives of choosing Farm Soho as your coworking space company. It stands out as a dynamic work setting and as a rustic haven for highly driven professionals looking for an incredibly roomy environment (at 6,000 square feet) that’s conducive to their productivity and problem-solving.

Furthermore, Farm Soho offers networking opportunities, where you can foster collaborative relationships with influential community members.  Below, we will explore some alternatives to The Farm Soho Coworking Space.

The Yard Flatiron South

The Yard’s Coworking space is conveniently situated in Flatiron near madison square park. If you enjoy an industrial look and feel the Yard coworking is for you. Wall is lined from floor to ceiling with brick and aesthetic windows in every office, allow members to users enjoy beautiful 5th avenue views.

Bond Collective Flatiron

Bond collective, previously known, as Cowork.Rs has been expanding rapidly. Their Flatiron location is conveniently close to great restaurants, subways, and transportation which make getting to a from work a breeze. The three-floor facility offers coworking packages up to team rooms for a nice change of pace.

Voyager HQ

The Voyager HQ provides a unique pitch. Voyager’s mission is to enhance travel experiences by providing startup founders with meaningful connections and the unique resources they need to thrive. Voyager offers a free digital membership, 10-day flex pass, and even a monthly pass for only $325.


One of the many features separating DropDesk from the coworking pack is its availability throughout a multitude of major US metropolitan areas.  As an intuitive, accessible coworking app that’s compatible with Android and iOS, DropDesk is a can’t-miss digital solution for on-the-go freelancers and business professionals. 

DropDesk also provides clients with premier amenities, while opening lucrative doors to a burgeoning network of professionals—all at a reasonable price. With round-the-clock 24/7 access, free parking, and conference rooms with versatile digital connectivity, DropDesk connects you to a productive workspace in the blink of an eye. 

And the hits keep on coming—DropDesk doesn’t require long-term commitments.  Therefore, as a fast-moving professional, you have a flexible option that won’t hold your credit card hostage. Best of all?  Sign-up is free!   It doesn’t cost a thing to browse through a network of exciting workspaces until you find the one that works for you.


Are you looking for coworking services across New York and San Francisco with a welcoming communal atmosphere and free-flowing space to aid in your creativity and productivity? We suggest checking out Spacious, which offers several noteworthy perks (such as free coffee and access to several shared drop-in workspaces with fully furnished offices) for just $20/day.

Spacious is immensely resourceful, leveraging the space of underutilized restaurants located within the two cities it serves.  Sure, it’s not ripe with resources like more corporate setups, but you might not need all the bells and whistles.  With Spacious, you have a no-frills coworking approach that provides what’s required to fuel your productivity.


Is price a significant sticking point for your ideal coworking space, since you only need to use it sparsely throughout a given month? Then, Kettlespace’s ‘Lite’ membership’s $25 monthly cost should perk up your ears. 

You can choose from an on-demand network of restaurants (during downtime hours) for less than $1 per day. With 10 locations strategically mapped across New York and Brooklyn, Kettlespace is known for its reliable, high-speed internet that ensures network failures won’t disrupt your workflow. 

In addition, you’re always guaranteed an outlet to charge your laptop battery. Even the most expensive package at Kettlespace ($99/month) is less than the price of FarmSoho’s lowest offer.



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