Discover the 8 Best Coworking Space Management Software

A flexible, efficient, and easy-to-integrate coworking space management software is a necessity for a community to function at its fullest potential. Below, we’ll examine the eight best coworking management software solutions on the market (in no particular order).


Anybody looking for coworking management software that provides a simple user experience, Habu is the way to go. First off, Habu is highly flexible, while automating a multitude of administrative minutiae that generally disrupts the flow of a community’s shared workspace. 

For example, users can create and adjust new plans with the utmost ease. It’s worth noting, however, that this software’s features primarily focus is on member management, space management, and invoice automation.

Habu’s integration capabilities with Stripe, Adyen, and Xero optimize the payment process. Simplicity is king with Habu.


DropDesk, offers the only actually free coworking management software. No matter how many locations or members you have the price is still ZERO. Along with the coworking software, DropDesk allows operators the ability to monetize every single inch of their coworking space. DropDesk Features:

  • Unlimited Venues and Members
  • White-labeled, Cross-Platform Technology
  • Automate Marketing and Management
  • Member Management and Billing
  • And more!

DropDesk offers all the features that make for top-notch coworking space management software, such as administrative task automation, plus the ability to assign team leads to corporate accounts. Also, admins will have an easy time customizing member booking permissions, accounts, and credits.

On top of the above features, DropDesk possesses the scalability options that could provide managers with insights and data from esteemed industry experts. 


As one of the most impressively complete coworking space management systems on the market, Nexudus boasts the following customizable (through API) management features:

  • Membership
  • Payments
  • Events
  • Newsletters
  • Printers

Nexudus’ impressive member relationship management is probably the highlight, as it allows users to efficiently track contacts and leads. Furthermore, Nexudus optimal scalability makes it a viable option for any coworking space.

It’s also the perfect fit for a community with more technical leanings and its white label app means custom options that allow managers to shape member portals to a brand’s given specificities. Nexudus possesses a proprietary interface for integrations with Ezeep, Stripe, and Bisner. 


Founded in Bulgaria in 2015, OfficeR&D is a versatile coworking management tool that’s used in over 30 countries. OfficeR&D’s features include customer relationship management (CRM), member management, space management, and contract management. 

One of the ideas behind OfficeR&D is that it’s meant to assist with almost every facet of a coworking community, and its many tools are dedicated to the entire user journey. This coworking space management software is also centered around maximizing user earnings. 

Pricing is flexible too, with two pricing plans per member and per desk. Users have access to an open API that enables the integration of third-party applications while booking platforms – such as Xero, QuickBooks, PayPal, and GoCardless – all compatible with the software.


Cobot has all the earmarks of a perfect coworking management platform, from automation of billing, invoicing, and room book to software integrations with payment tools like Stripe, Gocardless, and Ayden.  Even more impressive is Cobot’s multilingual capabilities, mobile optimization, and worldwide support spaces. 

Whether it’s an intimate community hub or a massive business center with multiple locations, Cobot fits the bill. Cobot’s offers free user support – a personal service provided by an expert international team with plenty of success with growing thriving coworking communities.


For coworking community members with an inclination towards mobile devices, Optix is the way to go – as it is a mobile-first software.

The following two tools are Optix’s main selling points:

  1. A web platform for managers
  2. A white label mobile app for members

Optix’s key features include one-click hassle-free desk booking and the ability to view the availability of meeting rooms in real-time.  With Optix, billings are generated automatically, while fellow users can interact with the utmost ease—thus, helping foster community culture and relationships.

For Optix, custom workflow is paramount.  As such, this coworking management software integrates with apps such as Google Calendar, Slack, and Zendesk.


From overall space utilization to open invoices, the Belgium-derived coworking space management software – known as Zapfloor – allows users to see vital data in a transparent dashboard.  This information is automatically generated, providing the utmost convenience. 

Of course, you can also book and manage meeting rooms via the tool.  Integration options: you have the opportunity to integrate more apps.  If you work with Xeros, Stripe, PaperCutMF, you can easily integrate them.  To give your coworkers a consistent experience across multiple venues, Zapfloor also offers a white label solution.


State-of-the-art security is easily one of Coworkify’s most vital features. Then, there’s the rest of the nitty-gritty that makes for a popular coworking management software, such as simplicity, adaptability, practicality, and user-friendly design. This handy coworking tool applies a Japanese-based approach and aims for an experience that’s free of headaches, misunderstandings, and snafus. Yes, Coworkify takes care of the everyday needs of a community, with its automated invoicing, member management, APIs, and resource management, etc. However, the software’s primary selling point is its premiere levels of adaptability; members have their choice of credit card, cheque, or even cash for payment. Despite invoicing being automatic, an administrator can produce a manual invoice for one-off guests or temporary members.

There’s Plenty of Incredible Coworking Management Software to Choose From

When choosing your ideal coworking management software for your workspace, it all comes down to what you value and believe can enhance your community. We can only suggest that every community takes their time, does the necessary research, and chooses the option that fits their workspace like a glove—without breaking the budget.


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