Offer Coworking At Your Company Headquarters

DropDesk turns restaurants during their closed or downtime into vibrant coworking spaces. Create recurring lines of revenue without changing your day to day.

What We Look For

Companies that either own or lease their spaces who are looking to build community at their location, have a few thousand square feet of vacancy, high-speed wifi, and naturally lit spaces. Outdoor areas, comfortable lounges, and high-density urban locations are always a plus.

Your Terms & Schedule

Choose the hours you want to operate a coworking space, amenities you want to offer, and discounts to your restaurant to incentivize customers to work and eat at your location.

Marketing & Visibility

Our coworking space digital agency will market your location using SEO, PPC, and content to drive new customers to your space. Whether it is attracting talent, acquiring customers, or simply filling space, we work with you on the strategy that suits you best.

No Learning Curve

With our cross-platform coworking technology, we make it easy for members to book space and interact within your community. Members simply show up and get to work!

Why Dropdesk?

We have been in the coworking industry for years helping build and market enterprise coworking spaces. DropDesk has created hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for our partners.