Free Coworking Management Software

The days of admin, tech and billing headaches are over. Whether you run a small shared office or a multi-location workspace – our free all-in-one workspace management platform will take care of your day-to-day operations, allowing you to put your coworking operations on autopilot.


Build a Thriving Coworking Space Using Coworking Automation

Stop wasting time on tedious tasks and focus on what matters most: Building a successful coworking space.

Simple, easy-to-use interface

Convert more one-off users into full-time members with online marketing

Automate customer billing and rent roll

Self-managed member accounts

Real-time reporting on check-ins, bookings and purchases

All your locations organized in one simple dashboard!

Market & Manage Your Locations Without The Hassle

Buried under spreadsheets, emails, chat threads and Word docs?

Instead of documents scattered all over the place, DropDesk’s software is the best for bringing all of your coworking management and marketing needs under one roof.

From one powerful dashboard, you can keep an eye on bookings, billing and reporting in real-time. This “supertool” combines everything you will ever need to attract, onboard and manage new members online – all for free.


Create Custom Memberships Plans and Packages

Roll out one-time passes, hourly packages, or recurring memberships for all your locations. Sweeten the deal with an unlimited number of amenities to your packages.

Plus, collecting payments for your packages and plans just got easier! Your coworkers can now login to your fully branded customer portal where they can make fast payments, track allowances and learn about new events, all within our free coworking software.

Optimize Underutilized Space Across All Locations

Not sure what to do about underutilized space?

Don’t let any square foot go to waste. Monetize every inch of your space by creating customized space types, including meeting rooms, offices, dedicated desks and event space for all your locations in just a couple clicks.

Set the price and plans for each space type with full flexibility. You choose whether coworkers can book individual space types on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Control All Your Bookings In One Place

Who says shortcuts don’t exist?

Finally, stop shuffling between 10+ tabs and stay on top of your day-to-day activity from one dashboard.

Login on any device to get up-to-the-minute details on check-ins, bookings and purchases at all your locations.

Feel inspired to throw an event for your co-workers? Add events in real-time and make it easy for your members to RSVP.

Membership Management Made Easy

Managing your coworking space doesn’t have to be complicated.

Now, you can automate tedious, repetitive tasks to ensure important admin work gets handled perfectly every day.

From one user-friendly interface, you can update member subscriptions and payment details with no fuss.

You can also assign team leads for corporate accounts to be sure nothing falls through the cracks. Admins can quickly and easily customize member booking permissions, accounts, credits, and much more.


Scale Up With Expert Help From Industry Heavyweights

Gain inside access to the minds of industry consultants. For a premium, you can leverage the insights and data of some of the best consultants in the game.

Go beyond “word of mouth” and rapidly accelerate your growth with digital marketing and content marketing strategies you can implement right away. Combined with SEO, you can steadily increase your rankings so you can turn more strangers into members.

Filling your coworking space is just one piece of the puzzle. On-site management and training is also available so your locations operate at their highest potential.

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