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Benefits of Renting Office Spaces by the Hour


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With the explosion of coworking spaces, it’s no wonder why many companies do not want to deal with the hassles of traditional leases and what they entail.  Whatever stage your business is in (rapid growth or decline), it is essential to ensure your business has the least amount of financial commitments needed to get to the next level. Coworking spaces offer a variety of flexible alternatives allowing you to book space at an hourly, daily or monthly rate. In this article, we are going to explore the most common benefits when renting an office space for the hour, where you can book office space by the hours and some things to keep in mind.

Benefits of Renting an Office By The Hour

Hourly office spaces allow your remote team or employees a sense of work-life balance. Not only is it healthy to get out of the house, but separating work from your family life actually increases productivity and grants you much more opportunities for you business. This is one of the benefits of working from a coworking space.  Aside from increased productivity, additional benefits include: Affordability, No Daily Office Maintenance, Better Productivity, Professional Appearance, and Networking opportunities. Lets dive into it!

1) Affordability

Since you have no obligations to stay past your booked time, your company is free from the financial commitment of having a full-time office. You can avoid paying a security, cleaning, and other day-to-day expenses. A two-person office space can cost between $1,100-$1750/mo. Accessing space on-demand for a fraction of the cost is not a bad deal!

2) No Daily Maintenance

Simply put, since you are renting an office from a coworking space, you avoid having to stock the office with inventory, bathroom supplies, and other hassles like dealing with printing. Your hourly office includes everything you need and more.

3) Increased Productivity

Choosing to book an office near a client or avoiding a long commute, can greatly increase productivity by allowing you to get to work in a conducive environment. Being around a community of professionals that are all high-energy helps you focus and get things done.

4) Professional Appearance

When was the last time you met a client at their house? Chances are it’s very rare. There are not only security concerns with meeting in your home, but it does not look very professional to your potential clients. By renting an office (for even an hour), you can impress your clients with a high-end feel, showing them you are serious about your own business.

5) Networking Opportunities

By getting out of your house, you can enhance your business opportunities by collaborating with like-minded professionals. Coworking spaces are known for their sense of community and opportunities to connect with partners, clients, or even friends.

Coworking Spaces That Offer Hourly Office Space

WeWork Now (acquired Spacious)- If you are looking for an on-demand space that is accessible, check out WeWork’s on-demand option which allows you to book a room by the hour. Bridgeworks -A coworking space based in Long Beach, NY, offers both on-demand meeting space and private offices by the hour. Pricing ranges from $10-$25/hr. DropDesk– Is a platform that partners with spaces of all types in Brooklyn and NYC. From restaurants that convert into pop-up workspaces to high-end coworking -york-cityspaces, there are a bunch of options to select from. Croissant- Markets itself as a Classpass for coworking, you receive an allotment of hours, which you can apply to open spaces across the U.S. Looking for a more in-depth list of where to to rent an office for the day? Click here

Disadvantages To Hourly Office Rentals

There are some negatives to consider when renting an office for the hour (versus a full-time space). Economically renting an office at hourly intervals costs more than a membership, but if you really aren’t looking to stay for a month, clearly it’s still a bargain. If you have more than a few individuals and require a large space, the hourly rental rate can get expensive. If you meet with the same customers, you could also loose a sense of consistency – if you cannot rent the same office or there is limited availability.


When evaluating hourly office options, it’s important to consider what elements will make it worthwhile for you to rent from a coworking space. If it’s worth the flexibility or you think it will help you from a professional standpoint, it may help you succeed. If you have a larger remote team or more in-depth needs, you may want to conside a membership, which will allow you to access a more economical model.

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