The Best Coworking Spaces in New York City

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Whether you’re a freelancer, small startup, or large company in NYC, work culture is changing to offer more dynamic, flexible, and inspiring options.

If you’re looking for a vibrant coworking space in New York City, explore our extensive list below to find the best coworking or shared office space for you or your company’s growth.


Looking for a space in a specific area? Check out our quick guides here:


Location:  25 W 39th St 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th floors, New York, NY 10018

Amenities: 24/hr access, unlimited coffee, tea, water and snacks, conference and event rooms, high-speed wifi, events, workshops, in-building squash center, outdoor terrace, private offices, phone booths, communal areas

Membership Pricing:

  • Flex Membership: $300/month
  • Dedicated desk: $500/month
  • Private Office: starting at $850/workstation
  • Meeting Rooms: starting at $90/hour
  • Event Venue: starting at $550/hour


Bronx Coworking Space

image2 1

Location: 2825 3rd Ave, The Bronx, NY 10455

Amenities: Meeting rooms, high-speed wifi, personal lockers, onsite management, refreshments, mail delivery and print services, private phone booths

Membership Pricing:

  • Floating desk: $125/week or $325/month
  • Private office: starting at $525/month
  • Meeting rooms: $45/hour
  • Therapy suites: available upon request


Ledian Space

image4 1

Location: 373 Park Ave S, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10016

Amenities: Wifi, phone booths, conference rooms, quiet zones, living room, library, meeting pods, chat enclaves, skype conference room, print & shipping services, storage lockers

Membership Pricing:

  • $60/hour


Corner Office

image3 1

Location: 843 Lexington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Amenities: Virtual office, conference room, staffed reception, high-speed wifi, kitchen

Membership Pricing:

  • Membership plan: starting at $399/month
  • Conference room: starting at $20/hour
  • Virtual office: starting at less than $2/day


The Yard: Herald Square

image5 1

Location: 106 West 32nd Street – 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001

Amenities: Hosted reception, meeting rooms, mailbox services, kitchen, coffee/tea, filtered water, whiteboard, storage, print/scan/copy services, pet-friendly, bike storage, wellness program

Membership Pricing:

  • Open coworking: starting at $450/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $600/month
  • Private office: starting at $850/month
  • Virtual office: $50/month



image6 1

Location: 101 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10006

Amenities: Meeting and event spaces, catering, coffee, tea, filtered water, hosted reception, kitchen, storage, whiteboard, mailbox services

Membership Pricing:

  • Open desk: $300/month
  • Suite: starting at $8,500/month



image7 1

Location: 260 Ainslie Street, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Amenities: Conference rooms, phone booths, superfast wi-fi, tea, coffee and infused water, healthy snacks, classes, events, mail and storage, meditation room

Membership Pricing:

  • Daily pass: $20
  • The Nomad Desk: $250/month


Spring Place

image8 1

Location: 6 St Johns LaneNew York 10013

Amenities: Meeting rooms, library, music room, living room, monthly events, private dining, restaurant, bar, lounge, rooftop terrace

Membership Pricing:

  • Community: $3,000/year
  • Local: $750/month
  • Resident: $1250/month
  • Private offices: available upon request


The Austin Space

image9 1

Location: 108-14 72nd Avenue, 2nd Floor Forest Hills, NY 11375

Amenities: Conference room, high-speed wifi, printing services, coffee, tea, lounge, meetups, books, kitchen

Membership Pricing:

  • Daily pass: $35
  • Basic membership: $25/month
  • Lite membership: $175/month
  • Full-time membership: $275/month
  • Dedicated desk: $375/month
  • Night owl membership: $155/month


Bond Collective Bushwick

image10 1

Location: 12 Park Street Brooklyn, NY 11206

Amenities: Conference rooms, private meeting and phone booths, fast wi-fi and ethernet connections, unlimited printing, mail handling, showers with towel service, snacks and weekly breakfast, spa water, craft beer and coffee, mothers’ room, bike storage, networking events

Membership Pricing:

  • Daily pass: starting at $40
  • Coworking: starting at $300/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $400/month
  • Private offices: starting at $900/month
  • Conference rooms: starting at $50/hour



image11 1

Location: 40 Bushwick Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

Amenities: Events, classes, printer, wifi, coffee, kitchen

Membership Pricing:

  • Flex: $100/month
  • Flex+: $150/month
  • Coworking: $250/month



Location: 185 Wythe Ave 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11249

Amenities: Conference rooms, events, wi-fi and ethernet connections, communal lounges, printing services, kitchens, mail and package handling, coffee, tea and snacks, indoor bike parking

Membership Pricing:

  • Floating desk: $400/month
  • Fixed desk: $600/month
  • Private office: starting at $1500/month



image12 1

Location: 1120 Washington Ave – 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11225

Amenities: Locker area, kitchenette stocked with snacks, tea and coffee, lounge, high-speed wifi, soundproof headphones, mail handling service, monthly events, phone booths, conference room

Membership Pricing:

  • Open desk: $225/month
  • Dedicated desk: $375/month
  • Night owl: $120/month
  • Office: starting at $650/month
  • Private conference room/member meeting: $35/hour
  • Educators and activists: $150/month
  • Domenstic partnership: additional $50/month



image13 1

Location: 2329 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210

Amenities: High-speed wi-fi, utilities, printing, Starbucks coffee, Tazo tea, purified water, bike share, on-site community manager and maintenance staff, conference rooms, storage, discounted parking

Membership Pricing:

  • Hot desk: $30/day
  • Dedicated desk: $400/month
  • Private office: starting at $900/month
  • Conference room: starting at $50/hour


Bond Collective – Flatiron

image14 1

Location: 115 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

Amenities: Conference rooms, private meeting and phone booths, fast wifi and ethernet connections, package handling, unlimited B&W printing, showers with towel service, snacks and weekly breakfast, spa water, craft beer, coffee, mothers’ room, bike storage, networking events

Membership Pricing:

  • Daily pass: starting at $40/month
  • Coworking: starting at $300/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $400/month
  • Private office: starting at $900/month
  • Conference room: starting at $50/hour


Based In

image15 1

Location: 49 Elizabeth Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10013

Amenities: Concierge service, high-speed wifi, conference rooms, library, lounge, private phone booths, coffee, tea, printing, scanning, event space, photo studio, urban jungle

Membership Pricing:

  • Dedicated desk: $500/month
  • Dedicated area: $550/month


New Women Space

image16 1

Location: 188 Woodpoint Road Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Amenities: Lounge, coffee, tea, genderless barber, events, retail store, event cafe, resident programming

Membership Pricing: available upon request


Human NYC


Location: 244 Canal St #4f, New York, NY 10013

Amenities: Available upon request

Membership Pricing: Available upon request



image17 1

Location: 68 Jay St 11201 Brooklyn NY

Amenities: Conference rooms, events, shared spaces, kitchen, pet-friendly, phone line, coffee, shared printer

Membership Pricing: $470/month


New Lab

image20 1

Location: 19 Morris Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205

Amenities: Workshops, networking opportunities, happy hours, conference rooms, in-house cafe, on-site IT support, lockers, bike parking, 3D printing, CNC, printing and cutting equipment, wood and metal equipment, casting and finishing tools, textile equipment

Membership Pricing: Available upon application


Artist Co-op

image18 1

Location: 500 W 52nd Street, 3W New York, NY 10019

Amenities: Rehearsal rooms, high-speed wifi, unlimited coffee and tea, locker rentals, library, mailbox, printer & scanner, member events, incubator performances (new plays & musicals)

Membership Pricing:

  • Coworker: $60/month
  • Innovator: $85/month
  • Developer: $160/month
  • Company: $350/month
  • Entrepreneur: $350/month


Jay Suites Penn Station

image19 1

Location: 1370 Broadway New York, NY 10003

Amenities: VoIP phones, wifi, conference rooms, hotspots, lounges, mail service, Starbucks coffee, Sodastream water, private phone booths, daily cleaning, member meetups

Membership Pricing:

  • Private suite: starting at $1199/month



image21 1

Location: 137 West 25th Street, NYC

Amenities: Meeting room, coffee, tea, printing, high-speed wifi, A/C, lounge, kitchen, standing desks

Membership Pricing:

  • Daily pass: $25
  • Dedicated desk: $325/month



image22 1

Location: 49 Howard Street, 2FL, New York, NY 10013

Amenities: Conference rooms, phone booths, printing, mail service, lockers, kitchen with microwave, event space, coffee, tea, snacks, pet-friendly, outdoor area

Membership Pricing: Available upon request


60 Broad

image23 1

Location: 60 Broad, 24th Floor New York, NY 10006

Amenities: Conference rooms, private meeting and phone booths, fast wifi and ethernet connections, package handling, unlimited B&W printing, showers with towel service, snacks and weekly breakfast, spa water, craft beer, coffee, mothers’ room, bike storage, networking events

Membership Pricing:

  • Private office: starting at $900/month


Quest Workspaces

image24 1

Location: 800 3rd Midtown NYC, 800 3rd Ave Suite 2800, New York, NY 10022

Amenities: Meeting rooms, open creative spaces, flexible terms, networking, business-building and wellness events, coffee and tea, staples, professional reception, on-site weekly manicurist and shoeshines, cleaning service

Membership Pricing: available upon request



image25 1

Location: 61 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY‎

Amenities: Conference room, events, coffee, tea, kitchen with microwave, printing, whiteboard

Membership Pricing:

  • Daily pass: $24.95
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $399/month
  • Private office: starting at $995/month
  • Commercial loft: available upon request
  • Virtual office: starting at $49.95/month
  • Conference room: starting at $29.97/hour




image27 1

Location: 231 Bowery, 2nd Floor New York, NY, 10002

Amenities: Conference rooms, kitchenette with coffee and tea, community event space, storage lockers, media production lab, fab lab, phone booths, social areas, Canon equipment, vinyl cutter, floor drill press, HTC Vive, Oculus

Membership Pricing:

  • Hot desk: $300/month
  • Dedicated desk: $500/month


DaniPad Coworking

image28 1

Location: 3825 Bell Blvd Bayside, New York

Amenities: Conference room with HD webcam, whiteboard and projector, ergonomic chairs, dual monitors, tech industry meetups and events, gaming consoles, premium cable package, kitchen with fridge and microwave, coffee

Membership Pricing: $150/month



image29 1

Location: 115 Broadway, Suite 1800 New York, New York

Amenities: Soundproof spaces, events, waiting room, refreshments for patients, high-speed wifi, printing, copying, scanning, mail service, kitchen, lounge, coffee, tea, snacks, admin desks

Membership Pricing: available upon request


Alpha Space

image31 1

Location: 1467 Bedford Avenue New York, New York

Amenities: Wifi, dressing rooms, shower, storage, video equipment, audio equipment, meeting room, photoshoot studio, rehearsal room, special events

Membership Pricing: available upon request


Corporate Suites NYC

image30 1

Location: 757 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10017

Amenities: Meeting rooms, kitchen with coffee and refreshments, multi-function copiers, high-speed wifi, onsite staff, networking and happy hours

Membership Pricing: available upon request


CO- Working Studio

image32 1

Location: 1639 Centre St Ridgewood, NY 11385

Amenities: Conference room, printer, scanner, kitchen, bimonthly networking happy hour, event space, private phone room, photo studio, plants and essential oils, complimentary monthly Reiki session

Membership Pricing:

  • Shared desk: $175/month
  • Individual desk: $325/month


The Factory

image33 1

Location: 30-30 47th Ave Long Island City, NY 11101

Amenities: Lounge, events, food marketplace, breakroom, athletic club, bike storage, indoor parking, pet-friendly, yoga classes, curated food trucks

Membership Pricing: available upon request


100 Bogart

image34 1

Location: 100 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Amenities: Spacious kitchen areas, gourmet coffee and tea, fresh fruit, private phone booths, networking events, ultra-high-speed wif, printing, scanning, multi-purpose gallery space, rooftop, dog-friendly, mail and package handling, VoIP phones, podcast studio, dedicated support team

Membership Pricing:

  • Flex desk: $300/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $500/month
  • Private office: starting at $450/month
  • Meeting rooms: startin gat $30/hour


BrooklynWorks at 159

image35 1

Location: 159 20th St #1b, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Amenities: Printing, scanning, high-speed wifi, conference rooms, event room, common spaces, phone booths, kitchen, coffee, tea, community events, happy hours

Membership Pricing:

  • 10-day pass: $100
  • Dedicated desk: $360/month
  • Single desk office: $580/month
  • Multi-desk office: $770/month
  • Virtual office: $50/month
  • Conference room: starting at $30/hour


Friends Work Here

image37 1

Location: 47 Bergen St floor 3, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Amenities: Private phone booths, lounge area, conference room, FIOs internet, water & coffee, monthly community happy hours, Invisible Dog backyard

Membership Pricing: available upon request


The Bakery Brooklyn Coworking

image36 1

Location: 325 Rutledge St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Amenities: Six studios, spacious communal room for meetings, photoshoots or project planning, kitchen, pet-friendly

Membership Pricing: available upon request


Park Slope Desk

image46 1

Location: 501 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Amenities: Fast wifi, ergonomic chairs, printing, scanning, laminating, kitchen, unlimited coffee and tea

Membership Pricing:

  • Small desk: starting at $50/month
  • Large desk: starting at $90/month


The Wing DUMBO

image38 1

Location: 1 Main St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Amenities: Podcast room, living room, wellness room, phone booths, conference rooms, showers, lockers, beauty room, Perch cafe

Membership Pricing: $215/month


Park Slope Headquarters

image43 1

Location: 524 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Amenities: Full-color printers, scanner, fax machine, wifi, meeting room, private back deck patio, full kitchen

Membership Pricing: available upon request



image44 1

Location: 547 Broadway Apt 5., New York, NY 94105

Amenities: Workplace, invite-only dinners, meditation and yoga events, story-telling events, retreats in nature

Membership Pricing: $750/month



image39 1

Location: 6808 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Amenities: Premium wifi, printing, scanning, outlets with USB ports, unlimited drip coffee and tea

Membership Pricing: $199/month


Corporate Suites

image40 1

Location: 1001 Avenue of the Americas, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10018

Amenities: Virtual offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, coffee, refreshments, video conference room, multi-function copiers, high-speed wifi, cleaning services and maintenance, networking and happy hours

Membership Pricing: available upon request


Bond Gowanus

image41 1

Location: 68 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Amenities: Conference rooms, private meeting and phone booths, fast wi-fi and ethernet connections, unlimited printing, mail handling, showers with towel service, snacks and weekly breakfast, spa water, craft beer and coffee, mothers’ room, bike storage, networking events

Membership Pricing:

  • Daily pass: starting at $40/month
  • Coworking: starting at $300/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $400/month
  • Private office: starting at $900/month
  • Conference rooms: starting at $50/hour


Servcorp Community

image45 1

Location: 17 State Street, 40th Floor, New York, NY 10004

Amenities: Meeting rooms, IP phones with free calls, print from any desk, in-house IT help, onsite secretaries, premium coffee and tea, weekly events, event space, lockers, phone booths, unique password WiFi with 99.99% uptime

Membership Pricing:

  • Hot desk: starting at $200/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $400/month
  • Office: starting at $99/month
  • Virtual office: starting at $99/month


3rd Space

image42 1

Location: 142 Lafayette St, Newark, NJ 07105

Amenities: Audio and video conferencing, locally brewed Great Notch coffee, onsite parking, event space, large screens, ultrafast wifi, smart lockers

Membership Pricing:

  • Single-day pass: $25
  • Weekly open desk: $85
  • Monthly open desk: $285
  • Dedicated desk: #385/month
  • Coworking office: $485/month
  • Private office with parking space: $1685/month
  • Conference rooms: $75 – $100/hour
  • Virtual office: $100/month


New Work Project

image47 1

Location: 97 N 10th St #2A, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Amenities: Conference rooms, high-speed wifi, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, printer, scanner, kitchen, free snacks, tea, coffee, events, lounge

Membership Pricing:

  • Lounge: $295/month
  • Gallery: $675/month
  • Studio: $2100/month



image49 1

Location: 594 Broadway, Suite 701, New York, NY 10012

Amenities: Meeting room, white erase board, artisanal coffee and tea, conference phone, printer, high-speed wifi, HD projector, event space, photo studio, fruit water, onsite staff, cleaning services

Membership Pricing:

  • Lite desk: $149/month
  • Nights & weekends: $159/month
  • Hot desk: $220/month
  • Private meeting room: starting at $40/hour
  • Multi-use conference room: starting at $149/hour


The Suite Corner

image48 1

Location: 3 E Evergreen Rd, New City, NY 10956

Amenities: Private mailbox, conference room, kitchen with a microwave, coffee, beer, snacks, prepared sandwiches, outdoor seating, lockers, printers, scanners, fax, restaurant catering service, presentation room, lounge area

Membership Pricing:

  • Day pass: $30
  • Weekly dedicated desk: $125
  • Office: $625/moth


Hunters point studios

image51 1

Location: 5102 21st St 4th floor, Long Island City, NY 11101

Amenities: Meeting room, VoIP phone, event space, kitchen with a microwave, filtered water, mailroom

Membership Pricing:

  • Communal table: starting at $80
  • Shared studio desk: starting at $275
  • Private studio: starting at $690
  • Meeting room: starting at $35/hour


Ground Floor Coworking

image50 1

Location: 547 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Amenities: Conference rooms, couches, event space, coffee, print/fax/copy, lounge area, professional mailing address, street parking, professional seminars, local events

Membership Pricing:

  • Basic membership: $250/month
  • Dedicated desk: $400/month
  • Private office: $640/month
  • Conference room: $50/hour
  • Gallery/event space: $100/hour
  • Mailboxes: $30/month



image52 1

Location: 70 South Orange Avenue, Livingston, NJ 07039

Amenities: Conference room, on-site cafe, kitchen, outdoor space, free parking, high-speed wifi, printer, mail and package delivery, 24/7 member support, gym, shower

Membership Pricing:

  • Hot desk: $325/month
  • Dedicated desk: $400/month
  • Private office: $825/month


KOI Creative Space

image53 1

Location: 169 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY, 10601

Amenities: High-speed wifi, conference room, printer, kitchenette, events, intern and consultant network, mentoring, coffee, snacks, podcast studio, lockable storage, whiteboards

Membership Pricing:

  • Single-day: $45
  • Part-time: $225/month
  • Full-time: $405/month
  • 10-day pack: $350
  • Retained: starting at $800/month
  • Office rental: starting at $850/month



image54 1

Location: 20 Hudson Yards, New York, NY 10001

Amenities: Phone booths, coffee, quiet zones, nap pods, showers with towels and slippers, snacks, tree swings

Membership Pricing: $69/month



Jay Suites

image55 1

Location: 369 Lexington Ave, 2nd & 3rd Floors

Amenities: Conference rooms, common areas, break room, business lounge, catering, VoIP phones, hotspots, mail service, Starbucks coffee, private phone booths, daily cleaning, member meetups

Membership Pricing:

  • Private suites: starting at $1199/month


Law Firm Suites

image1 1

Location: 800 Third Avenue, 28th Floor, New York, NY 10022

Amenities: Conference rooms, virtual office, high-speed wifi, file room storage, mail & copy rooms

Membership Pricing:

  • Floating desk: starting at $250/month
  • Dedicated desk: starting at $300/month
  • Office rentals: starting at $895/month
  • Virtual office: starting at $99/month
  • Meeting rooms: starting at $65/hour


Blueprint Health

Blueprint Health is a company that mentors healthcare IT companies for three months to assist them in meeting their unique business goals. However, Blueprint Health also operates a coworking space for those involved in the healthcare technology field. Blueprint Health maintains committed to furthering innovation in the field.

Location: Lower Manhattan, 483 Broadway

Amenities: storage space, discounted access to all Blueprint Health classes, phone booths, conference rooms.

Membership Pricing:

  • Community Membership $250/Month 24/7 access
  • Dedicated Table for teams required 4 seats $125/Month
  • Dedicated Membership for a dedicated desk $400/Month

Website: //


Galvanize is a coworking space dedicated to top tech companies. This inspiring spot offers a strong network of tech talent, including mentorship opportunities and workshops. Galvanize also offers a variety of education programs, such as a software engineering immersive and a data science immersive.

Location: West SoHo Manhattan

Amenities: Onsite Staff, Full A/V Bike Storage, Private Phone Booths, Community Kitchen Access, Onsite Cafe, Complimentary Coffee, Eleven Conference Rooms, Weekly Workshops, Business Mentors, Free Printing, High Speed Internet, Cleaning Services, Productivity/Common Area, 24/7 Access

Membership Pricing:

  • Open Seating: $399/month
  • Reserved Desk: $699/month
  • Private Suite: $1,700/month


Made in NY Media Center by IFP

Made in NY Media Center is a collaborative workspace to support media and tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists. With a combination of workspaces, cafes, exhibition venues, and classrooms, members have access to a wide range of spaces to suit their varying needs. Made in NY Media Center by IFP is a collaboration between the Made in NY business initiative and the Independent Filmmaker Project. If you’re into film, social media, advertising, animation, or somewhere in between, you’ll want to be a part of this network.

Location: 30 John St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Amenities: Wifi, printing, kitchen & rooftop access, phone booths, mailroom, personal storage units, happy hours, coworking space, classrooms, conference rooms, podcast studio, library, 72-seat theater, media arts gallery and cafe.

Membership Pricing:

  • Dedicated Desk: $450/month


Centre for Social Innovation

With a fierce commitment to social innovation, SCI aims to offer a supportive environment and community for individuals looking to make the world a better place in the face of today’s economic, environmental, social, and cultural challenges. This charming space provides a functional and inspiring spot for changemakers.

Location: 601 West 26th Street, Suite 325, NY, 10001

Amenities: printing, copy, fax, free organic coffee, 24 hr access, wifi, mailboxes, A/V equipment, meeting room, event space, dog friendly, community kitchen, lounge, wheelchair accessible

Membership Pricing:

  • Hot desk 25 – 25 hours, 2 hrs meeting room access. $125 month.
  • Hot desk 60 – 60 hours, 3 hrs meeting room access. $200/month.
  • Hot desk 100 – 100 hrs. 4 meeting room. $275/month
  • Hot desk unlimited. 5 hrs meeting room access. $400/month.
  • Private Desk. Dedicated private work space. 7 hrs meeting room acces. $480/month.
  • Team cluster. Dedicated private table (up to 6 ppl) 7 hrs. Starts at $1115/month.
  • Private Office. Dedicated enclosed space. 8 hrs meeting room access. $1400/month.
  • Membership. Community membership – coming soon. $30/month.



This tight-knit community is comprised of creatives of every kind, from the filmmakers and writer to the photographer or developer. Friends is housed in a beautiful space, clad with exposed brook, plenty of windows, and a historic vibe. Friends is part of The Invisible Dog Art Center, which is a museum and home for the arts, comprised of a studio and gallery. Not only will you be part of the Friends community, you’ll be next to 30 artists in residency at The Invisible Dog Art Center.

Location: 47 Bergen Street Floor 3 Brooklyn NY 11201

Amenities: 24/7 access, Private phone booths, Lounge area, Conference room, FIOs internet, Water & coffee, Monthly community happy hours, Access to the charming Invisible Dog backyard

Membership Pricing:

  • Floater ($450)
  • Dedicated desk $675/month


Crypto NYC

To join a cutting-edge crew of blockchain-focused individuals, Crypto NYC is the place for you. Crypto NYC is dedicated to connecting and educating innovators with ledger technology and decentralized applications to create a better world.

Location: 25 W 39 St. 14/F, New York NY 10018
MidTown, short walk from Bryant park.

Amenities: Complementary, priority access to weekly events, Discounted tickets to special events, Access to private forums and content, Unlimited premium coffee and beer

Membership Pricing:

  • Light Node Membership. $450/month. Full-time floating desk. 24/7 office access. full -time wework membership w/ badge. All benefits of public key.
  • Full Node Membership. $650/month. Permanent, fixed desk. All benefits of light Node membership.
  • Rent 24 member. Networking. Conference booths (reducing pricing for booths and conferences + summits)


SHARED Brooklyn

SHARED Brooklyn is a coworking space for architects, designers, and creative pros. Large desks and open space ensure you have “room to grow.” This design-oriented community is committed to getting things done. Join if you’re looking to network and grow with like-minded individuals and have access to stunning waterfront views.

Location: 185 Van Dyke Street Suite 205 Brooklyn, NY 11231

Amenities: dog-friendly, coffee, tea, snacks, waterfront views (waterfront backyard), lounge, kitchen, wifi, ethernet, printer, copier, scanner, conference room, phone booth, 24/7 access, access to group rate health insurance

Membership Pricing:

  • Large dedicated desk. $525 4 hours Conference Room use
  • Small dedicated desk. 4 hours Conference Room use
  • Private office. $625-700. Furnished and unfurnished offices. 24/7 access. 8 hours conference room use. Ethernet. Lockable door.
  • Day pass – $30/ come in, communal areas for day. Mon-fri 9-5pm. Wifi. kitchen.
  • Community seat – $225. 10 days/month. 9-5pm. Communal table or lounge. Discounted hourly rate for conference room.
  • Conference room – $50/hour. Includes: conference tables seats 6-8. Seminars, workshops. display/projection wall.
  • Virtual membership – $75. mail address. Healthcare insurance. Discounted conference room.


Paragraph NY

Location: Manhattan and Brooklyn

Amenities: coffee, tea, fast wifi, free printing, writing-related events every month, community of writers, discount to workshops, phone room, books, kitchenette, add-ons: lockers and project desk

Membership Pricing: 

  • All Access
    • Full-time. 6 month commitment. $215/mo. 24 hrs/day, 7 days week.
    • Full-time. No commitment. $275/month. 24 hrs/day, 7 days week.
    • Part-time. 6 month commitment. $170/month. Mon-fri. 5pm-11am. Add day weekends/holidays/summer Fris
  • Brooklyn Only
    • Full time. 6 month commitment. $195/mo. 24hrs/day.7 days/week.
    • Full time. No commitment. $235/mo. 24hrs/day.7 days/week.
  • Day pass: pay as you go. $25/day. 10am-6pm. M-fri. Both locations.
  • Visiting writer. Pay as go $75/week. 24hrs/day, 7 days/week.
  • Trial day: free. Access 10am-6pm, m-f.


Writer Room – Stop Procrastinating. Start Writing.

At this nonprofit, shared writing work space, writers can find a sanctuary to get through writer’s block. This space features vintage-style upholstery with modern decor, perfect for inspiring you to write your next novel.

Location: 740 Broadway at Astor Place, 12th Floor New York, NY 10003

Amenities: 24/7 access, storage room with lockers, access to online research tool, LexisNexis, the largest electronic database for legal and public records related info, reference/research books, snacks and kitchen area, napping area, comfy chairs, telephone alcove, staff, features your titles on their site, seminars, readings, panels.

Membership Pricing: Members must apply to be considered.

  • Full-time: 24/7, 6-month commitment. $199/month
  • Part-time: 6-month commitment, 6pm-6am, $189/month
  • Weekends-only: 6-month commitment, $149/month
  • One-month: out-of-towners only, 24 hours/day, $299/month
  • Day: $25


Hack Manhattan

If you’re of the crafty type, Hack Manhattan is essential for your needs. With a wide variety of artistic amenities, you will have the tools to succeed at this non-profit, all-volunteer spot. Hack Manhattan also offers an assortment of workshops, classes, and events, such as introductory sewing classes and recurring Shakespeare readings.

Location: 137 W 14th st, NY, NY (Manhattan)

Amenities: 3D printers, 3-axis mill, Router table, Soldering stations, Sewing machines + sergers, Lathe, Homebrewing equipment, Bench grinder, Hand tools for wood and metalworking, Infrared soldering station, Bandsaw

Membership Pricing: Members must apply to be considered.


Con Artist Collective

This creative workspace is critical for any artist on a budget. With such a variety of tools to support your work, not to mention a community and platform for sharing your work, Con Artist Collective is an excellent choice. You can also apply for a studio residency for $400/month.

Location: 119 Ludlow Street

Amenities: 4-color silk-screen press, light-table, a power washer, a drop sink, communal supplies, computers, hardware, software and access to photo studios, opportunity to sell work through their website and in gallery shows and at storefront in addition to flea-market stands and international art fairs, open 24/7

Membership Pricing:
Basic membership: $20/month
You can also apply for a studio residency. If accepted, it is $400/month.


Ignitia Office

Ranked one of the top 7 coworking spaces NYC has to offer by Inc Magazine, Ignitia Office offers wide open space and exceptional offices that combine beauty and function.

Location: 1002 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA In Crown Heights

Amenities: local craft coffee in NY, conference rooms, flexible lease options, kitchen, skylights, internet. The building also houses Berg’n beer hall, a 9,000-square-foot food and beer hall, cafe, food vendors,

Membership Pricing:

  • Lounge memberships – starting at $450
  • Dedicated Desks – starting at $650

Private Offices

  • 1 person starting at: $850
  • 2 “ $1250
  • 3 $1800
  • $4 $2000
  • 5+ upon request


Nomad Works

Nomad Works understand that each person’s “Nomadic Spirit” is a bit different, so they provide dynamic working options and an inclusive nature. This modern-style building is conducive to creativity while offering a space that is similar to a more traditional, yet contemporary office.

Location: 1216 Broadway New York, NY 10001

Amenities: conference rooms, lockers, coffee and tea, water, weekly events, Pet friendly. Bike storage. Shower facilities. Complimentary visitor hours. Phone booths, happy hours, wellness programs (complimentary yoga, zumba, pilates, discounts on beauty appts, meditation room), bagel mondays, lockers, meditation room. Staff on hand.

Membership Pricing:

  • Coworking monthly: starting at $400/month. Hot desk or Dedicated Desk (for a small premium).
  • Private office: starting at $800/month.
  • Day pass: $35/day.
  • Virtual nomad: $50/month.
  • Conference: $10/month. Book conference rooms at same discounted rate as members. 14 unique meeting spaces. 2-45 people. projectors/whiteboard displays. Soft seating lounge areas, corporate boardrooms, or large event spaces.


The Farm SoHo

If you’re an innovator or entrepreneur with a love of nature and organic design, The Farm is the place for you. With the looks of a century-old, Southern Missouri barn, The Farm provides an inviting atmosphere with a rustic look.

Location: SOHO and SOHO East: 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10013 and 188 Grand Street, 2nd & 3rd Floors New York, NY 10013

Amenities: Conference rooms, phone booths, pet friendly, mail packages, printing and scanning, rooftop lounge and event space

Membership Pricing:

  • Farm SOHO: day pass (24hr. $25/day or 75$ off w/ purchase of 7 passes), hot desk. w/ conference room access (4hrs/month), Current promo: $179/mo. Dedicated desk – private desk and storage w/ conference room access 4hrs. Current promo: $319/mo.
  • Farm NOMAD:in midtown. 1178 Broadway, 2nd & 3rd Floors New York, NY 10001 short to long-term flexible agreements. private offices– 1 person $750, 2, $950, up to 16 $9,500/mo. Customized full-floor office. Accommodates up to 26. Private conference room. Phone booth. Inquire for pricing.
  • SOHO East. short to long term flexible. 2-3 person $1250/mo, 4-6 $2750/mo up to 14-16 person. Customized full-floor office. Accommodates up to 45. Custom design/branding/build out available. inquire.


The Harlem Collective

This low-key, affordable coworking space in NYC is ideal for both the freelancer or team. The Harlem Collective is a notably diverse cohort of members that represent different industries, personal backgrounds, ethnicities, and viewpoints. Multiple perspectives means that this community is a step ahead the rest. The Harlem collective also partners with groups from the community, offering them free space in an effort to contribute to the neighborhood.

Location: Hamilton Heights. 1867 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY, 10031, United States

Amenities: Members lounge for meeting etc. community garden (furniture, picnic tables) networking events, drop-in huddle space for impromptu meetings, conference room, white board,

Membership Pricing:

  • Hot Desk: $250/month. 24/7.
  • Dedicated desk: $325/month.
  • Private office: starting at $650/month. 1-8 team members
  • Artists studio starting at $650/month.
  • Day pass $35 or private office $60/day or week pass $75/week


Fueled Collective

With plush leather couches, year-round ice cream, and stellar views of lower Manhattan, Fueled Collective is located in the famous Prince Building. Fueled Collective members include a number of start-up companies, ensuring that your team can feed your entrepreneurial spirit here. This shared working space is ideal for small companies that are just starting out.

Location: Downtown Manhattan, SoHo

Amenities: popcorn machine, snack bar, ice cream car, 8 library style meeting rooms, coffee bar, ping pong table

Membership Pricing: starting at $450/month


Ensemble – Work Together

Ranked one of NYC’s “Coolest Coworking Spaces” by Time Out New York, Ensemble is a straightforward coworking space that also creates a strong network of folks. Weekly events, like beer and pizza or wine and cheese, encourage organic connection. The space features neutral tones and open, bright spaces.

Location: Midtown manhattan 32 W 39th Street 4th Floor New York, NY 10018

Amenities: conference room, telephone room, internet, mail, phone booth, projector. Coffee, tea, dishwasher, fridge,microwave, library, communal space, event space, Weekly events. Beer & pizza. Wine & cheese.

Membership Pricing:

  • Open desk $35/day. Mon-fri. Conference room bookings available.
  • Dedicated permanent desk $450/mo. 24/7 access. 3 hrs of conference room.
  • Office , private suits. $2000/mo. 24/7 access. Up to 14 ppl. 20 hrs of conference room time per month.
  • Virtual: $50/mo. mail/packages. Conference room bookings available.


Nowhere Studios

Nowhere Studios is featured as a top coworking space in Brooklyn by Brooklyn Magazine. This space attracts creatives, from the filmmaker and fabricator to the writer or the small business. Featuring exposed brick, natural light, and monthly social events, you can find an enjoyable, hip coworking space here.

Location: Brooklyn on the border of Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy, 1582 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11213

Amenities: 24/7 Access, High-speed internet, 2,000 square-foot roof with hammocks and adirondack chairs,, Free printer/copier/scanner, Mail & package reception, Full kitchen, lounge & 2000-sq ft roof access, Unlimited, complimentary Brooklyn Roasting coffee, Bike Racks, Monthly BBQ/Happy Hour, Phone booth for private calls, Excellent security system with cameras, External monitor, storage Lockers, Cleaning & maintenance, Classes, Events

Membership Pricing:

  • Nights and weekends. 6pm-midnight M-F or Weekends 7am-midnight. $150/month
  • Flex Space – coffee, roof access, kitchen. Lockers. 24/7 access. $195/month
  • Small desk – power strips. common/meeting space access. 24/7 $330/month.
  • Large desk – 24/7 $550/month


District Cowork


District Cowork offers boutique, beautiful open spaces along with a thriving community that is ideal for building a network. Through the District Cowork community, you’ll get to be part of meetups, launch parties, mixers, and other professional development events. Members also get access to the rooftop lounge.

Location: center of Manhattan at 1204 Broadway

Amenities: printing, coffee and tea, refrigerator, designer lounge, relaxing rooftop, phone booths, kitchen and conference rooms, launch parties, demo nights, startup mixers, and other professional development events. Members are invited to exclusive events curated by our team and are welcome to organize private events.

Membership Pricing: Inquire for details

  • Gallery desk, dedicate desk, Private Office, Virtual Member, Members Only Rooftop (invites to private rooftop events and access to rooftop lounge)


Industrious Office


Industrious Office combines a world-class facility with a warm, welcoming environment. Industrious offers flexible options for various individuals and business types and sizes.

Location: Manhattan (union Square) 215 Park Ave S, 11th Floor
New York, New York, 10003and Brooklyn 594 Dean St
Brooklyn, New York, 11238 (hudson square and bryant park coming soon)

Amenities: Coffee, pastries, fruit, Internet, printing, wellness rooms, member events and parties

Membership Pricing:

Only Brooklyn location has a community membership:

  • $590/month
  • Small office: $1341
  • Medium: from $2142
  • Large: from $2,705

Manhattan – no community membership:

  • Small Office from $1,904
  • Medium Officefrom $3,443
  • Large Officefrom $5,477


The Yard

With several locations throughout the city, The Yard brings together driven professionals to curate an innovative, inspiring community. The Yard is an excellent choice for the freelancer, remote workers, or small business.

Location: bryant park, Columbus circle, south williamsburg, city hall park, Gowanus, lincoln square, flatiron north, flatiron south, lower east side, herald square

Amenities: Art gallery, coffee and tea, 24/7 access, meeting rooms, discount and perks, wellness program

Membership Pricing: Prices vary by location, but below are starting prices:

  • Coworking $450/month
  • Dedicated Desk $600/month
  • Private Office $840/month
  • Virtual Office 2 desk $1550
  • Day pass $35


Coalition Space: Impact

With high ceilings, natural light, and hardwood floors, Coalition Space provides a beautiful environment where you can build your business, surrounded by a supportive community. Coalition Space was previously MicroOffice company which had been in operation since 2003. As such, members of Coalition Space have access to the MicroOfice network as well.

Location: Chelsea, Flatiron, Grand Central, Jersey City

Amenities: Coffee, internet, mail, bike storage, events, 24/7 access w/ badge, business-class printing, community managers, professional and social events, private phone booths, mail & package handled, secured lobby.

Membership Pricing:

  • Day pass: $25. Virtual: $99. Desk: starting at $500. Private offices: starting at $1,000. Conference rooms available and included.


Serendipity Labs – Inspiration at Work.

This upscale coworking space is located in the Financial District. Serendipity Labs values trust, security, compliance, and inspiration. If your company is global and also has an office in China, or if you visit China frequently, this is the ideal choice for you. As a UCommune Network Affiliate, members of Serendipity Labs can access UCommune’s 150 China locations.

Location: Financial District 28 Liberty Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10005

Amenities: coffee, tea, refrigerator, printing, conference rooms, phone booth, IDeation Studio, board room, visual studios

Membership Pricing:

  • Team room $2,399/month.
  • Dedicated Office for 1-2 $1,149/month.
  • Dedicated Desk: $799/month.
  • Unlimited coworking: $499/month.
  • Coworking 10 visits $299/month.
  • Coworking 5 visit $199/month.
  • Coworking 1 visits $49/month.


Bat Haus

Bat Haus emphasizes sharing resources, space, and respect across members of diverse disciplines. With a quiet, productive environment and a self-sustaining community, Bat Haus helps you get stuff done while meeting other like-minded individuals. The “bat house” is a 500 sq/ft mezzanine and dark wooden structure where you can eat lunch and join in on Bat Haus’ Thursday happy hour.

Location: 279 Starr Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Amenities: Conference rooms, internet, printer/copy/scanner, mail/package, kitchen,lounge,backyard access. Monitor and accessories storage, daytime bike storage, Weekly happy hour with drinks and snacks.

Membership Pricing:

  • Full: 5 days/week $225/week w fixed desk.
  • Lite: $175/month 3 days/week $15/additional day.
  • Fiver: $99/month 5 days/month.
  • Day: $25/day. All day 10 hr access.
  • Community $25/month (part of ocommunity, $15/additional day.
  • Virtual: $75/month.


Workville, Your Space to Create

With modern decor, outdoor terraces, ergonomic furniture, and an art gallery, Workville is a dynamic space. In addition, the community is diverse, with members comprised of entrepreneurs, Crypto Currency backed startups, and much more. Workville is proud to have members with success stories,thanks to Workville. Members have tripled their customer base, raised funds and much more. Founded by landlords, Workville continually scales while always providing a high-quality, personable customer experience.

Location: midtown Manhattan. 1412 Broadway, 21st Floor – New York City, New York 10018

Amenities: doorman, rooftop lounge, high-speed wifi, printing, tech assistance, pop-up lunches, flexible terms, three outdoor terraces, kitchen and cafes, phone booths, open coworking, conference rooms.

Membership Pricing:

  • Large private office $6,000 up to 25 ppl
  • Private office: $1500 / 2 person, $4500 up to 6 person.
  • Dedicated desk in private office starting at $700/month.
  • Open co-working $500/month or $49/day.
  • Conference rooms starting at $500/day or $75/hour.
  • Virtual mail $50/month.


BKLYN Commons – Workspace When You Need It

This family-owned coworking and event space boasts a contemporary, art deco sign to promote productivity and relaxation. BLYN Commons space was previously the old Bond Bread factory and maintains committed to putting their members first by providing an intimate customer experience.

Location: FLATBUSH /PROSPECT-LEFFERTS GARDEN. 495 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11225.

Amenities: 24/7 access. High speed wifi. Printing and scanning. Stocked kitchen. Conference room. Common lounge area. Outdoor patio space. Lefferts Garden: indoor event hall and outdoor patio.

Membership Pricing: $50/hr meeting rooms w/ smart tv, Apple tv, whiteboard, conference phone. Open desk is $300//mo. Dedicate desk $400/month. Private Office $650/month


Spark Labs: US Expansion Platform

If you are a high-powered entrepreneur dedicated to success, then Spark Labs is the platform for you. With an extensive network of entrepreneurs and freelancers, Spark Labs provides you with a network of mentors to accelerate you or your business’s expansion. Spark Lab connects you with coworking spaces around the world. In New York, they have locations at The Farm and the Suite Project.

Location: 833 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York NY 10003

Amenities: Spark Labs Growth Platform, mentorship, 200K in premium tech benefits, access to 300+ top coworking ecosystems across US & Canada, meeting rooms, perks (discounts on hotels, flights, and service providers)

Membership Pricing:

  • Spark Virtual: $47/mo (billed every 3 mo)
  • Shared Desk $350/month
  • Dedicated Desk $550/month.
  • Private office $1400/mo.