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WeWork Alternatives in New York City


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WeWork is at the forefront of the coworking industry, offering over 200 spaces in 20 countries around the world. However, as with many growing companies, it’s starting to lose its charm and luster. Increasing prices and full spaces are making it difficult for small companies or freelancers to use their services.

So, what are some WeWork alternatives in NYC that offer more competitive rates and the same quality service? We’ve taken a look at some of WeWorks’ competitors in New York and have outlined them below.


DropDesk looks to match workers and freelancers with plenty of coworking spaces in New York City. It’s paired up with landlords and local businesses that are willing to rent out their space during slow or closed periods. This turns these locations into temporary pop-up spaces that can have any number of amenities and facilities.

The app is easy to use, and you can filter your requirements to find a space that meets your needs. Whether you need a conference room or just a desk to work at for the day, you’ll be able to find a workspace in any major city in the United States.

The best thing about DropDesk is that there are no long-term commitments, you simply sign up for a desk, pay for it, and use it for as long as you need. The entire process is as flexible as you want it to be. The app is available on both Android and iOS and provides you with everything you need to find the perfect place for you to get some work done.

The Farm – Soho

If you’re looking for a workspace in NYC, The Farm should be on your list of places to check out. It may not have the same international appeal as a WeWork alternative, but it’s much more affordable and comes with many of the same amenities. The Farm has three locations, each with a light, open design that’s filled with plants and natural amenities. The entire space is pet-friendly and offers conference rooms, phone booths, and 24/7 secure access. There are also printing and scanning facilities and a mail and package receiving facility.

The Soho location is in a great spot, and it is filled with networking opportunities in an excellent environment for a very affordable price.


Spacious is a membership program that offers members unlimited access to any of its New York or San Francisco locations for as long as the membership lasts. There are 15 locations in New York alone, so no matter what neighborhood you’re in, you’re sure to find a space in a location that works for you.

Spacious offers both day passes as well as longer-term monthly, quarterly, or yearly memberships, all at affordable rates. There is no booking system, but the app does allow you to check how busy a particular location is in real-time. Luckily, there are enough locations at the moment to be sure that at least one will be open and have a space free in your vicinity.

All Spacious coworking locations have the necessary facilities for you to get some work done, including Wi-Fi, power outlets, and free high-quality beverages. If you have a long-term membership, you also get an allotment for guests and visitors, allowing you to hold small meetings at Spacious locations. That doesn’t, unfortunately, seem to apply to day pass members, which may limit you if you’re just looking for a space to hold a meeting.

Overall, Spacious offers a fair compromise between flexibility and ease of use. There are plenty of locations, and the app will help you find one that works for you. Both the day pass and membership prices are reasonable for what you get, though you may run the risk of not being able to get a location in your area due to the lack of booking system.


Greendesk offers a whole host of office options, from long-term rentals, month-to-month office suites, virtual offices as well as a shared workspace. They have over 5,600 desks in 10 locations in New York, and they’re constantly adding extra space.

Greendesk offers all the expected perks of a shared workspace, including 24/7 access, complimentary Wi-Fi and beverages, plenty of power outlets, and even a kitchen for lunchtime. The shared workspaces can be rented daily or on a longer-term contract. All the Greendesk locations are environmentally friendly and welcome pets, making them a great place to work. There are plenty of networking and collaborative opportunities as well, with a membership base that is constantly growing. If you’re looking for something low-key, affordable, and welcoming, Greendesk may the space for you.

The Yard

The Yard has locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, all offering great amenities and space for entrepreneurs and innovators to mingle. They have four different workspace membership options, ranging from coworking all the way up to a private or virtual office. You can also hire a dedicated desk if you like leaving your work in the office and not taking it back home with you.

Unfortunately, unlike many other coworking spaces, The Yard doesn’t offer daily rates. The only have monthly plans, which may not be ideal for freelancers and traveling businesspeople. However, all the locations are available for members once they’ve signed onto the monthly plan, so as long as you’re planning to stay in NYC, getting your money’s worth shouldn’t be a problem.

Bond Collective

The Bond Collective offers six locations in New York, all of them with plenty of unusual and luxury amenities, including bike storage, a concession food market, and guest reception. They also come with all the usual facilities, including conference rooms, Wi-Fi, and 24/7 access for members. There are both monthly and day passes which offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to using the spaces.

As with many other coworking spaces, there are also options to hire a dedicated desk or even a full private office if you’ve had enough of networking and working in a shared space. They also have a referral program that can be useful in alleviating your costs, particularly if you’ve already got a network of people you’d like to share space with.

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