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Spacious Coworking Alternatives


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The concept of coworking spaces has surpassed revolution status. The days of long-term rentals — with overwhelming overhead costs — are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Today’s workforce of independent contractors and entrepreneurs prefer to work on the fly as it allows for affordable creativity. Additionally, today’s workforce faces a very different job market from any previous generation. Coworking helps solves this dilemma effectively and efficiently.

Members of Spacious coworking have access to Spacious’ interconnected network of office space in the city that never sleeps — New York, and the city by the bay — San Francisco. Each available workspace operates on a drop-in basis, ready with complimentary coffee, high-speed Wi-Fi access, outlets galore and space available to host a guest or to hold a meeting.

Spacious members create a synergistic sense of community where each co-worker benefits in a way that matters most to them. Spacious members have the opportunity to jump into nearby Spacious workplaces to chill when waiting for appointments, to catch up with messages, or to just get some work done.

The brilliance of the Spacious notion — to utilize unused restaurant space during the day in a popular and pragmatic way — is quite visible in the cities where Spacious networks have begun to populate the work landscape.

However, Spacious has yet to expand to the many markets clamoring for coworking space experiences. Check out a few Spacious coworking alternatives below.


DropDesk designs their workspaces by partnering with building owners to create on-demand, versatile coworking spaces for the modern working professional. Workspaces vary by location but include a private office, event space or a comfortable desk. Members find a ‘drop-zone’ by logging into the DropDesk app and checking the app’s dashboard.

DropDesk helps manages one’s ease of access (24/7), need for caffeine, and parking availability. DropDesk communities are available in 8 states for a month-by-month membership that offers:

  • Free Trial Membership, then a per hour (or per day/week) cost that varies
  • Business Support Services
  • Use of Co-working Software Management Program
  • Member Discounts


KettleSpace offers value, convenience, and high-speed connections throughout its network of coworking spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY. The Kettlespace idea grew from the long-standing tradition of ‘ad hoc coffee shop meetings.

By taking advantage of under-used prime city space, Kettlespace can offer their members a free trial membership, free snacks and a bottomless cup of coffee. There are several membership options — all without a long-term commitment and member discounts.

  • Lite — $25/month; 10 hours/month, a small guest fee
  • Pro — $49/month; 40 hours/month, 5 free guests, then a small guest fee
  • Unlimited — $99/month; unlimited


Canopy joined the coworking revolution with a mission to create an enriching, accessible workspace for like-minded workers. Canopy has chosen to create coworking spaces that are stylish and productive; spacious and modern, for the 21st Century workforce.

Canopy offers workspace options in San Francisco, in addition to 8 global partner coworking space locations in New York, England, France, and Belgium, among others. Membership options include:

  • The Nomad — $275/month
  • Shared Table — $375/month
  • Community Table — $595/month
  • Personal Desk — $925/month
  • Private Office — $2,000/month
  • Virtual Office — $100/month for mail service and address


WeWork is a widely known brand of co-working space with a presence across the globe. WeWork offers diverse coworking space options that meet the needs of a single independent contractor to a multinational company’s workforce.

WeWork currently operates with more than 650 locations in more than 100 cities, with many soon to open. Membership options vary and include:

  • Headquarters — A dedicated office, no co-working space ($-varies)
  • Office Suites — Private office with premium amenities and shared workspace ($-varies)
  • Private Office — Lockable turnkey office for teams (Starts at $450/month)
  • Shared Workspace — A wired workspace with premium amenities. (Starts at $190/month)

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