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Airbnb For Office Space: The Best Platforms To Book Workspace


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Is There An Airbnb For Office Space?

Like Airbnb, which offers a platform to rent  lofts, apartments, and homes, a variety of coworking websites allow users to be able to book meeting space, hot desks and even private offices. Below we will go through the differnt platform choices, pricing options and amenities available.

Coworking Spaces Are Evolving Into The Airbnb of Offices

With the freelance and remote worker population growing rapidly, the need for non-traditional work spaces have also increased. Working outside of the home and with like-minded individuals, creates a motivating atmosphere and a sense of community. From the nomadic team member, to the independent creative, any professional can benefit from a dynamic coworking space. With competition increasing in major urban areas coworking space brands and platforms need a way they can differentiate from other competitors. Coworking operators have a variety of obstacles they must surmount to reach success. These obstacles range anywhere from real-estate costs, operational costs, and their business plan. Many coworking brands have acquired coworking software partners or have taken an asset-light approach by leveraging partnerships.

Finding the right workspace for you

Spaces you can book Depending on what type of space you are looking for there are a variety of different Airbnb office models you can use when looking for workspace for the day. These range from:
  • Coworking In Restaurants
  • Coworking Spaces Networks
  • On-demand Meeting rooms or Offices.
  • Event Space

The Top Airbnb Office Booking Platforms

The below lists some of the top Airbnb office platforms (in no particular order) where you can find a space for cheap.


LiquidSpace is one of the most popular coworking platforms. They host over 9,000 venues and 18,000 spacetypes ranging from the traditional to sheek. They offer on-demand bookings in major metropolitan areas through the use of their website or app. Accessibility: To determine usage LiquidSpace members have to message venue hosts in order to determine whether a space is available. Locations: Most major cities: NY, LA, SF, D.C. Pricing: Due to the vast inventory pricing is determined by location, space-type and need. Amenities: Usually locations will offer high-speed internet, power outlets, and complimentary coffee and tea.

ShareDesk: Find Your Next Workspace

Sharedesk allows remote workers to book from thousands of unique work and meeting spaces. They have a very similar model to LiquidSpace meaning they aggregate workspaces and allow ShareDesk members to use an app or their website to book space on demand. As of 2019, they have 4,500 venues in 440 cities across 70 countries. Accessibility: Like Airbnb, the Sharedesk member can message hosts or book from scheduled day and times. Locations: Global and in major cities. Pricing: Varies depending on the location, time, and space-type chosen. Amenities: Locations offer high-speed internet, power outlets, and sometimes complimentary coffee and tea.

Breather: space made simple

Breather spaces are located in modern, luxurious lofts and offices. Breather offers private spaces for meetings, offsites, workshops, and seminars. Each spot ranges in size and offers a different layout with varying amenities. The diverse assortment of contemporary-style spaces can be utilized for anything from therapy sessions to client meetings and private coworking. Members reserve rooms and offices online or through the Breather app. Breather’s website and app tell you the details of every space, such as the amount of people it can accommodate, along with the specific amenities, so you can choose the right type of space for your needs. You can even visit most spaces beforehand to determine its viability for your preference. Some places have minimum reservation time lengths. Accessibility: Depends on the hosts listed schedule. Locations: Breather’s network extends throughout NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, DC, Toronto, Montreal, London, and Ottawa. Pricing: Users pay hourly or daily to utilize a space. Monthly workspace plans are also available for an alternative to leasing. The price differs according to the space. Amenities: Services and amenities differ depending on the chosen space. Spaces offer a mix of tables, chairs, and couches, and the majority are equipped with a variety of other tools to maximize your productivity, including whiteboards, flat screens, and Apple TV. If you would like additional select amenities, such as a projector, flipchart and stand, or conference speaker phone, you can pay an additional fee. Breather spaces offer flexible floorplans, so you can alter the space according to your needs.

Peerspace: Get together somewhere better

Peerspace is a platform that aggregates space for events and activities. If you are looking for space for celebrations (weddings, birthdays, photoshoots and more) you should defintely browse their selection of spaces. Accessibility: Depends on the hosts listed schedule. Locations: Peerspaces’s network extends throughout the major metro areas such as NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, DC, and more. Pricing: Users pay hourly or daily to utilize a space. Price differs according to the space. Amenities: Amenities vary depending on the space.

Spacious: Do your thing. Wherever you are.

Spacious partners with restaurants that are closed during the day and converts them into a network of coworking spaces. In addition, Spacious has several of their own locations, which are vacant retail spaces that have been converted into Spacious coworking spaces. Spacious restaurants and dedicated locations offer a similar working experience; each space has open seating, but does not have any private offices. However, Spacious’ dedicated locations offer a feel that is closer to the traditional coworking space because there is no disruption from restaurant partners. On the other hand, Spacious restaurant spaces offer a feel that is less similar to the traditional coworking space. Though Spacious does not have private offices, guests are still able to host meetings, presentations, and guests.Through the Spacious app, you can find a nearby space, understand how busy each place tends to get, obtain directions to the space, and check its hours of operation. Guests do not need to reserve or book in advance. You can visit as many Spacious locations per day as you would like. Accessibility: Restaurants offer their own hours, most of which are 8:30-5:00 PM. Spacious dedicated locations offer evening and weekend hours in addition to their normal hours. Locations: Spacious operates out of New York City and San Francisco. Pricing: You can purchase an unlimited access monthly ($199/month), quarterly ($149/month), or annual membership ($129/month) with an allotment of free guest hours. Depending on your membership option, you either have 5, 15, or 40 free guest hours a month. Each additional guess is $5 an hour. You can also choose a 24-hour day pass for $20 (eligible for one space) and pay an additional $5/hour per guest (caps at $20 per guest). Unused hours will roll over into the next month, and you can use your rollover hours for up to 6 cycles from the initial rollover. Your membership can also be paused. Amenities: Locations offer high-speed internet, power outlets, and complimentary coffee and tea. Customers can also purchase food at the restaurants. A host is always on site to greet guests and answer questions. You will also have access to and ability to host educational events and workshops for the Spacious network. Other perks include, discounts with various local services, including gym discounts, language training organizations, and a meditation app.

Croissant: One Pass. Thousands of Seats.

Croissant connects customers to traditional coworking spaces in various locations. Guests can shift from space to space throughout the day. You will be able to sit and work in the coworking space in the open common area or at a communal table or hot desk. The coworking spaces also have conference and meeting rooms available for meetings, presentations, and collaborations. Croissant members book the above, ahead of time, for an hourly fee. On the Croissant app, customers can find seats at nearby coworking spaces. This enables an individual to check in real time when he or she needs a space, eliminating the need for planning. Once you arrive, you “check in” on the app, and when you leave, you must “check out.” Accessibility: Membership limits access to locations dependant on your credits. Locations: Croissant has spaces in NYC, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, LA, Miami, San Diego, Philadelphia, D.C., and Colombus. Croissant also has an international network: Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rotterdam, Bucharest, Buenos Aires, Paris, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Hamburg, and Porto. Pricing: Customers pay a monthly fee depending on their choice of hours. The monthly fee also varies by location. For New York City, the pricing is as follows: Explorer: $39/month for 10 hours. It costs $6/hour to bring a guest. Creator: $129/month for 40 hours. Members receive 5 free guest hours. Luminary: $249/month for 120 hours. Members receive 20 free guest hours. In every plan, you can roll over unused hours to the next month. There is also a 1-week free trial. Amenities: Though it varies on the space, most offer unlimited coffee and tea. Depending on the coworking space, clients may also have access to printing, phone booths, a mailing address, refrigerator, and weekend hours. Some spaces have on-site cafes with items available for purchase.


The Deskpass network encompasses a range of traditional coworking office spaces that include collaborative workspaces, in addition to conference rooms, meeting rooms, private offices, and phone booths. You can book the private rooms on an hourly basis for meetings, presentations, interviews, client pitches, small events, interviews, and more. On the Deskpass app, browse through nearby locations and reserve a desk at your desired spot. Upon arrival, guests check in through the app. Accessibility: Membership limits access to locations dependant on your credits. Locations: Deskpass operates in Chicago, NYC, LA, Austin, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, and Miami. Pricing: The mini plan is $49/month for 4 visits a month. Their part-time plan is $99/month or $799/year for 8 visits a month. The full-time plan is $199/month or $1399/year for access to spaces Monday through Friday. The cap on each space is 5 visits a month, and unused visits roll over for the part-time and full-time plan. Each plan offers a 10% discount on the conference rooms and meeting spaces, which you can book on an hourly or daily basis. Amenities: Deskpass locations offer reliable internet, coffee, and snacks. Depending on the space, you may also have access to a phone line, printer, kitchen, and more. Members receive discounts and perks from local restaurants, stores, and services. They also have access to special events and talks on entrepreneurship, design, tech, and more. Each space also has an onsite manager to improve hospitality and answer any questions.

KettleSpace: Convenient Coworking in Your Neighborhood

KettleSpace operates out of vacant restaurants and hotel spaces. Each location has an open coworking space environment that is conducive to everything from solo work to collaborative efforts and meetings. Some locations include designated phone call areas. Create an account on the KettleSpace website, and browse through the locations to see which space is most conducive to you or your team’s needs. Guests do not need to reserve a space in advance. Non-members can also sign up for a membership at a space. You can also try a free-week trial. The hours differ depending on the restaurant. Most are open from 8 / 9 AM to 5 / 6 PM. Some offer evening hours. Accessibility: Dependant on memberships and restaurants hours of operation. Locations: KettleSpace currently has locations in New York City. Pricing: Customers select a monthly plan which varies depending on how often you would like access: Lite: $25/month for 10 hours of access to all spaces and guests visits for $5/hour. Pro: $49/month for 40 hours of access to all spaces with 5 free hours of guests visits. Additional guest visits are $3/hour. Unlimited: $99/month for unlimited access to all spaces and unlimited guest visits. Amenities: KettleSpace restaurant spaces offer wifi, outlets, coffee, tea, and snacks. As part of the network, you will also have access to member happy hours and food discounts. KettleSpace also hosts various community events for members. Some spots have dedicated community managers on site, while others have roving community managers. Sites with roving community managers always have other staff to oversee the space.

Flexday Pay-As-You-Go Workspace Network

FlexDay coworking spaces are in vacant restaurants. Each restaurant is an open coworking space. However, every restaurant has its own unique characteristics that are noted on the FlexDay app. Some spaces are better for client meetings and group work, whereas others are more fitting for individuals and quiet work. Flexday’s app enables you to see all locations and details. Once at a coworking space, you simply check in on the app. Accessibility: Limited to a few restauraunts in Toronto. Location: Flexday’s network is in Toronto. Pricing: Members pay monthly. The $9 monthly fee allots you 10 credits, giving you access to 2 days worth of coworking. You can then buy more credits as you need them, enabling you to pay as you go through the month. Credits carry over from month to month, and you can get bonus credits for referring friends through the Flexday app. You can start for free with 5 credits from Flexday, which is good for 1 day of use. Amenities: At Flexday spaces, you will have access to unlimited coffee, tea, and wifi. Flexday members also get restaurant discounts, offers, and invites to exclusive member events. Recently, Flexday created a community on Slack which you can be a part of through your membership to connect with other members.

Airbnb Office Comparison







Major Cities: NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, DC, Toronto, Montreal, London, and Ottawa.On-Demand


Major Cities: NYC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, DC, and more.On-Demand


NY & LA$25 Day Pass

$199/mo. Unlimited Access



Explorer: $39/mo. for 10 hours

Creator: $129/mo. for 40 hours

Luminary: $249/mo. for 120 hours


Major Cities: Chicago, NYC, LA, Austin, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, and Miami.

The mini plan is $49/mo. for 4 visits a month

Their part-time plan is $99/mo. for 8 visits a month

The full-time plan is $199/mo. for access to spaces Monday through Friday.



Lite: $25/mo. for 10 hours of access 

Pro: $49/mo. for 40 hours of access to all spaces 

Unlimited: $99/mo. for unlimited access to all spaces 


TorontoThe $9 monthly fee allots you 10 credits, giving you access to 2 days worth of coworking. 

Which Airbnb Office Platform Should You Use To Book Or List your Office Space?

The coworking platform that is right for you is based on your specific needs. The first step is to see if the coworking network operates in your desired location(s). Next, you’ll want to consider the type of space that would benefit you or your employees’ working style and professional requirements. Do you need access to private rooms and event spaces? Would an open workspace with a collaborative atmosphere be beneficial for you? After considering your amenity requirements, it’s essential to understand how often you’ll need access to your space. If you’re looking to cowork only a few times a month, a platform that allows you to pay on the go is critical. Or, if you are looking for an affordable full-time working solution, monthly or yearly membership plans are ideal for you or your team. A platform like DropDesk offers an alternative solution for both venues and customers. DropDesk partners with workspaces of all types- coworking spaces, restaurants, lofts and more in order to provide local workspaces to meet varied needs. DropDesk works with workspace hosts to create pop-up coworking spaces. DropDesk connects you to a range of amenities, pricing plans, and atmospheres. DropDesk’s diverse selection of environments provides you with a trusted solution that is always tailored to your specific needs. Further, DropDesk’s innovative app offers a practical platform and app for the team member, freelancer, and manager. With DropDesk, members and spaces alike support their local community while becoming an integral part of it.

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