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Kettlespace Coworking Alternatives


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By transforming restaurants during their downtime into an on-demand network of coworking spaces, Kettlespace offers multiple-plan options to fit your schedule and budget. The ‘Lite’ membership ($25/month), for instance, is ideal for professionals who require an occasional workspace.

What’s more? Members have access to all the strategically located Kettlespaces operating in 10 locations all across New York and Brooklyn. However, professionals dealing with clients in different time-zones may experience some troubles as these workspaces do not cater to 24*7 accessibility. Also, members sometimes have to run errands to print and scan the documents due to the unavailability of typical coworking essentials.

In order to avoid these obstacles, we’ve sought out four Kettlespace alternatives to enhance your work efficiency.


Immerse yourself in a dynamic work setting at FarmSoho, where coworkers ceaselessly toil on their projects in an open loft environment bolstered by influential community, and active event calendar. The unique farm’ theme décor spread across 6,000 square feet of space helps it stand a notch higher than its competitors. Built from the pieces of a barn like Americana reclaimed wood furnishings, FarmSoho impresses members with a quirky rustic charm matched by an equally accommodating environment.

While the membership pricing (starts at $179/month) is slightly more than that of Kettlespace, it is worth every cent due to the availability of top-notch facilities and essentials round the clock to maximize members’ time and efforts. What’s more; FarmSoho not only boasts of high-speed fiber internet but also prides on well-equipped hot and dedicated desks, in addition to full-floor private offices.

Additionally, Farmsoho is within 5-minute walking distance to all major subway lines and several tech-companies like Squarespace, and MeetUp. Other differentiators of FarmSoho that make it a solid alternative are the nap pods and meditation rooms to recharge yourself when you’re drained of work.


DropDesk is a ground-breaking company that caters to vibrant coworking spaces, state-of-the-art amenities and a network of professionals, all accessible through their website and app. The app is available on both Android and iOS to make the service convenient, accessible and affordable.

DropDesk offers digital solutions for on-the-go freelancers and business professionals to short-list the coworking spaces that not only meet their needs but also fits in the budget. From 24/7 access to keep your work going round the clock to conference rooms for digital connectivity and not to mention free parking for that extra convenience factor, DropDesk helps you find the perfect productive workspace in a flash of a minute.

And because this coworking platform doesn’t require a long-term commitment, it is often the first choice of the professionals who are always on the go. All you’ve got to do is create a free account, browse through workspaces in major US metropolitan areas and show up to grind!


Located in Manhattan, a few meters from Times Square Penn station and major New York subways, Workville is distinguished for its cutting edge technology and a unique blend of hospitality and productivity. With light and airy spaces, three outdoor terraces and a tranquil lounge & café, this chic coworking space gives you the feels of working in a 5-star hotel.

What’s more; this members-only community also offers open work areas, dedicated desks, and private offices to help you boost your business at an exceptional price. While the open-working space costs $500/month, you’ll have to shed $700/month for dedicated desks equipped with uninterrupted power supply and lightning fast Ethernet. Unlike Kettlespace, Workville is a boutique shared space that is well-stocked with office equipment like printers and scanners.


Spacious is driving the trend to fix up underutilized restaurants to make them convenient workspaces for the coworking community in New York and San Francisco. While the ‘Spacious setups’ may not offer as many resources as a typical corporate coworking space, it does provide a communal setting and enough room to keep you at the brim of your productivity.

What’s more; your ‘Spacious’ membership gives you access to all shared drop-in workspaces with fully furnished offices and a complimentary coffee at reasonable prices. Unlike Kettlespace, Spacious offers day pass starting from just $20/day. Therefore it’s one of the best Kettlespace alternatives for professionals who aren’t looking for a long-term commitment.

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