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The Best Websites To Find Remote Work


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Hybrid work is ‘the new normal’.

It took a global pandemic to understand that in-person jobs are a thing of the past.  What seemed to be a huge challenge for both employers and employees, now is the standard: offices are half vacant and people often feel more comfortable working from home or a local coworking space.

Platforms like FlexJobs and SolidGigs are getting more popular as remote jobs are here to stay.

In fact, 36.2 Million Americans will work remotely by 2025.  Do you want to be part of the remote work revolution?  Keep reading and discover the top 27 job listings and search tools in 2022.

You’re one step closer to finding your dream job today!

How to find remote jobs in 2022?

LinkedIn and Glassdoor are amongst the largest professional networks in the world.  These are great platforms to interact with companies and colleagues, but not the best places to find remote job opportunities.

If you want to search for remote positions, check the following websites:

  • Dedicated remote job listings:  Specialized remote job sites with thousands of new offers every day.  For example, We Work Remotely and Dynamite Jobs.
  • Remote tech jobs search platforms:  Find fully remote positions in top tech companies.  Try Dribble and Authentic Jobs.
  • Freelance and contract remote job boards:  These sites offer interesting projects to remote freelancers.  Fiverr and Toptal are the two leading platforms in the market.

The Best Remote Job Listings Pages

We Work Remotely

Source: Stealth Secrets

If you’re a remote worker and you’re currently looking for a new job, We Work Remotely is the place to be.

This platform has everything you can expect from a remote job listings site:

  • Search for openings in multiple categories
  • Connect with the community in the site’s blog and podcast
  • Use the learning portal to get a job faster

We Work Remotely posts mainly programming and design remote job roles, but you can also find jobs in other fields like finance, product and marketing.  The site offers an advanced search feature for job seekers that will help you land your dream job in a split second.  Use the filters to choose the type of role you’d like to perform, the timezones and the name of the company.

There’s also a section for top remote job searches where you can browse the most popular job search terms and speed up your employment hunt.


Do you want to quit office life and find work-from-home jobs?  FlexJobs can make your search easier.

This platform is made for those who want to explore remote jobs for the first time in their career.  To get started, you just need to sign up and take a look at 30,000+ job openings in more than 50 categories.  Flexjobs encourages new users to take skills tests and courses to expand their knowledge and become stronger candidates for potential employers.

Flexjobs customer service is exceptional.  The site highlights their team is formed by ‘friendly humans’ who will help you 24/7 with any issues you may face.  This reinforces its value as a brand and differentiates them from other competitors that don’t set customer service as a priority.

Working Nomads

Source: eBiz Facts

Similar to Flexjobs, Working Nomads is a suitable platform for new remote job seekers. Thanks to its intuitive interface, users can find a job in just a few clicks.  In Working Nomads, you don’t need to create a detailed profile; the registration process is straightforward.

Write your contact information, choose the job categories you’re interested in and pick a notification frequency.  Every time companies post offers on the platform, you’ll get a message in your inbox with new remote jobs daily or weekly.

Working Nomads doesn’t have a huge job offer database, but they replace that with a solid page design and an easy-to-use website.


In SolidGigs, you do what you love.  Say goodbye to those never-ending afternoons in front of the computer screen.  Tell SolidGigs what you are looking for and their team will match you with the best client available.

Once SolidGigs matches you with a company, you can send them a pitch and hopefully start a collaboration.  This is not a marketplace; it’s a personalized job search experience where you have full control over your actions and your client’s relationships.

SolidGigs is transparent about its price.  You have the option to pay $21 per month on an annual plan with no extra fees.  An affordable price for a site where you can get, as their tagline says, ‘freelance leads on autopilot’.

Remote OK

Remote OK is the platform to land remote jobs in software development.  Although it offers openings in other categories, the site posts multiple daily openings for developers in top remote companies.

The major benefit of Remote OK is that you don’t have to pay to access the job listings.  The only thing you need to do is to click ‘Apply now’ and you’ll be redirected to a recruiting board or the company’s careers page.

All offers displayed on the site are new, so you won’t find remote jobs that were posted months ago.  If a job posting has the label ‘HOT’ in the headline, it means that the company is actively looking for a candidate to join their team as soon as possible.

Remote OK is an excellent remote job website for digital nomads who want to work in the hottest tech companies in the market such as Spotify or Slack.

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations may not have the most visually appealing website, but it does one thing – it connects users with remote jobs from technical roles to jobs in education.

The site compiles only virtual and remote-friendly openings from entry to management level positions.  You can create a free account to search within thousands of jobs and receive alerts with opportunities that match your interests.  The free registration includes limited access to the platform’s database and a free ‘Getting Started with Telecommuting’ online course to boost your search.

Virtual Vocations also offers a premium membership.  With a paid subscription, you have full access to the jobs database and you get exclusive online courses for $15.99 per month.


Remote.Co is a website where professionals can look for a remote job and learn about other workers’ and companies’ experiences in the field.

This platform posts fresh job offers from startups and large corporations and gives a voice to their customers.  Remote.Co has a Q&A page on their site where they ask remote companies why they choose to go remote, what their work principles are and other insights about the industry.  There’s also an identical Q&A section for remote workers.  Get to know the community, network and learn some tips from active users in Remote.Co.

Remote.Co recommends job seekers to subscribe to their ‘Fresh Jobs Newsletter’.  Sign up and get weekly offers in your mailbox.


SkipTheDrive believes in the power of keywords to find a remote job.  The first thing you see when you go to their site is a search bar under the headline ‘Find Remote Jobs’.  No need to register and there’s no charge for the search.  Just type a keyword like ‘marketing’ and find the job you’re looking for.

The ‘Work-From-Home Resources’ section on their website is worth seeing.  Go to the savings calculator to see how much money you spend every day when you go to the office. SkipTheDrive uses this exercise to convince you that telecommuting jobs are the future.

Check the micro-jobs or small tasks sites list, a ranking with the best platforms to start your career as a remote worker.  SkipTheDrive built this list with more than 50 companies to help their users to find side jobs, while they look for a remote job on their site.

Dynamite Jobs

Source: Netbooks Review

Dynamite Jobs uses advanced filters to make your job search a fast and pleasant experience.  This platform posts tech and non-tech remote jobs in more than 70 categories. You can select the type of contract, the timezone and the salary range you’re willing to accept.

To get recruiters’ attention, you must build a personal profile to highlight your skills and stand out from the rest of the candidates.  Dynamite Jobs gives you all the tools you need to update your digital resume and make it look both neat and professional.

Once you create your free profile, you can talk directly with hiring managers and companies. Be proactive and show recruiters how much you want to work in the company.  Dynamite Jobs will do the rest.


Crossover boasts of bringing together the best talent in the world.  To apply for a job on this platform you need to be truly special.  Companies in Crossover hire the exceptional 1% of top professionals globally.

The selection process consists of 5 steps:

  1. Pass a cognitive aptitude test
  2. Pass an English level test
  3. Prove real-world job skills
  4. Complete one or two interviews with the company
  5. Accept the job offer

Crossover is a remote job search website for experienced workers. If you pass the cut, you’ll be able to unleash your potential in a number one tech company.

The best remote tech job boards


Source: Join

Dribble is made for designers.  Their goal is to build the largest online community for creative professionals – a place to share and find remote jobs around the globe.

Guess where Apple, Google and Facebook find talented designers for their projects?  Dribble helps tech giants to hire remote freelancers and full-time employees.  As a candidate, you have the chance to apply for a job according to your expertise – work remotely as a Product Designer or thrive in your career as an Illustrator.

One of the most attractive Dribble features is Pitch.  For $15/month (annual plan) you can add a video intro to your profile and get 2x more messages and offers from companies.  This is a perfect way to stand out and grow your clients’ network.


Hands down one of the most beautiful and unique names for a job listings site. PowerToFly is more than just a pretty site.  Its mission is as inspiring as their brand. The company aims to give women and minority groups easy access to remote jobs in the tech industry.

PowerToFly encourages candidates to participate in virtual events hosted by clients and business experts.  As a user, you can chat and learn about the newest trends in the market in live video sessions.  Most members find remote jobs during or after these events.

In PowerToFly your education is a priority.  Get daily insights to rock your next job interview or kickstart your career in marketing.  All of it for free!

Authentic Jobs

Source: Internet Curated

Authentic Jobs is a platform for creatives and engineers.  The site connects employers with potential employees who want to apply for a remote job in tech.

Authentic Jobs presents itself as the leading job board for designers, developers and creative professionals.  The key to its success lies in its simplicity – you can apply for a vacancy directly on the homepage.  There’s no need to create an account or to go to a specific careers page.

If you want to find remote jobs and you don’t feel like networking, Authentic Jobs sounds like a good choice for you.

Ruby Now

As its name suggests, Ruby Now offers Ruby software development jobs.

Are you a Ruby on Rails Developer who wants to find the best remote job opportunities in the industry?  Ruby Now is the answer to your prayers.  This platform is created by developers who understand your needs and look forward to your success in the job market.

It’s very easy to get started.  Just click on the offer you’re interested in and fill in the form with your email, name and resume.

If you’re concerned about the status of your application, don’t worry: you’re in good hands. Ruby Now has more than a decade of experience as a job search service for both companies and developers.  They promise clients that most roles will see a solid candidate within 2-3 weeks.

Web3 Jobs

Source: Web3 Jobs

Invest in the future of the Internet.   Invest in yourself.

This is not Web3 Jobs tagline, but it’s a great way to describe what this platform offers.  In Web3 Jobs, you’ll find thousands of tech job opportunities every day exclusively from Web3 companies.

Web3 is the third generation of the Internet.  It’s based on blockchain technology and introduces revolutionary concepts like decentralization and token-based financial transactions.

Do you want to be one step ahead of the competition?  Go to Web3 Jobs and discover high-paying jobs that are in demand for the future.  Work remotely as a Software Engineer for an NFT company or as a Data Analyst for a business founded in the metaverse.

Remote Tech Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs does the hard work for you.

This site features jobs from some of the most popular remote job listings in the world.  The platform adds openings from 11 job boards, including We Work Remotely and Remotive – so you only have to visit one website.

Search by technologies, companies or just type a keyword in the search bar to access thousands of offers.  Remote Tech Jobs is intended to meet the needs of software engineers looking for a remote employment opportunity, but it also displays gigs for digital marketers and salespersons.


Source: Live Your Message

AngelList is the place where job seekers meet startups.  You’ll give it a try because of its eye-catching design and you’ll stay because of the 130K+ jobs displayed.

This remote job site has all you can ask from a networking platform.  It offers a personalized experience for remote workers who want to pursue their professional goals in top-notch startups like NerdWallet and Peloton.

Do you want to get noticed?  Build a complete profile to highlight your abilities and find a job in some of the hottest fintech companies in the world.


There are so many things to love about Landing.jobs that it is hard to write them all in just a few lines.

This platform offers the recruitment experience every candidate deserves. It is honest and transparent from the first to the very last step of the process.  Landing.jobs treats you like a professional tech talent and not like a random number lost in an online recruitment software.

Thanks to its matchmaking algorithm, you’ll receive job suggestions from companies that are looking for remote workers like you.  Create a profile, apply to job postings and boost your career.  Every time you ‘match’ with a company, you’ll see a red flame icon next to the offer. Spark the flame!


Source: Medium

If you’re looking for a remote position in tech to take your career to the next level, Dice is a must.

In Dice’s remote job board you can access a wide range of offers in fast-growing companies. As of today, there are 90,000 jobs available.  The platform receives over 1,000 new job postings per day, so just do the numbers.

You’ll love this remote job site because it has an advanced filter system with a ‘Work From Home Available’ option.  You can also learn about the latest news in the industry in Dice Insights, a blog where the company posts specific tips, agency reporting data and different analyses from tech specialists.

SitePoint Remote Jobs

SitePoint Remote Jobs is a job search website powered by We Work Remotely.  With a dark and plain design, this site gives you just what you’re looking for – remote jobs at the click of a button.

To apply for remote opportunities as a digital professional, type two or more keywords in the search bar and connect with international tech companies.  Use the filter and narrow your search.   Write down your top software technical skills to find jobs that involve technologies such as HTML5 or React.

SitePoint Remote Jobs is an engineering-centric remote job platform that stands out for its clarity.  It offers a seamless user experience for people who don’t want to spend a long time on job search sites.

The best job search sites for freelancers


Source: TakeThisCourse

Toptal comes from Top Talent.  The name of the company says it all – only high-skilled professionals get the chance to apply for remote jobs on this platform.  Indeed, just 3% of all applicants succeed to join Toptal’s freelance network.

Toptal was created to meet the demands of thousands of companies around the globe that struggle to find experienced candidates to fill in their projects.  Tech giants and startups like Zendesk or Sidekick hire talent here.

If you feel that your level of expertise in your field is exceptional, you might find your next remote freelancing gigs in Toptal.


Freelancer is the largest freelance jobs platform in the world.  With more than 58 million employers and freelancers (and counting), this site builds bridges between remote workers and potential clients.  This is also a popular platform that offers plenty of freelance jobs for college students.

In case you’ve worked remotely in the past, you know what are the pros and cons of remote work.  One of the biggest concerns of freelancers is the payment delivery method.  Am I going to get paid the agreed amount?  Will it arrive on time?  With Freelancer, you don’t need to worry.  Once you’ve created your profile and found a perfect job, you’ll get paid right after you complete the task.  Some of the testimonials you can find on their website highlight that money in Freelancer is great.  It’s up to you to check it out!


Source: BloggerIdeas

Fiverr is arguably the most popular freelance work platform.

Freelancers love it because they can either work full-time for multiple clients or start small projects as a work-from-home gig.  Businesses are often satisfied with Fiverr services due to their low starting price ($5 per project) and the many options they have to find proficient remote workers.

Whereas other remote job websites focus on a specific professional category, Fiverr offers a wide variety of services for both freelancers and clients.  You can teach individual yoga lessons as well as write scripts for a digital creative agency.  Get off on the right foot: create a profile, make it irresistible and get your first job.


‘How work should work’.

Upwork wants to change your perception of jobs and professional relationships in 2022. Their tagline sums up what many people already thought – the job market is transforming and so are their workers.  Companies demand talent and they want it now.  Freelancers search for remote jobs and stimulating projects.  Sounds like a perfect match, right?

Upwork makes this connection happen. As a freelancer, you have the chance to upgrade your career on a platform that guides you in every step of the process.  Start from the bottom and gain experience and reputation while you complete projects for top brands and startups.

With native features like Talent Marketplace and Project Catalog, your job search experience will be fast and easy.  Create your proposal, set your rate and wait for the perfect client to buy your product or service.

Trusted by Microsoft and Airbnb, Upwork is made for those who are looking for remote jobs with the freedom and flexibility they deserve.


Source: Digitalogy

Behance is a social media platform where creative professionals share their work.  If you’re a graphic designer or a photographer, this is the place to exhibit your latest creations.

This site is a digital showroom where people upload videos, images and illustrations to make themself known.  It’s an ideal platform to network with other artists and to find remote jobs in the design industry.

Companies have the option to post job openings in Behance to find a talented freelancer that suits their needs.  If you make yourself famous within Behance’s community, you can even get direct messages from clients in your profile.


In Guru, you can work the way you want, whenever you want.  This sounds obvious for a freelance platform, but Guru might be the best pick for remote workers who love to have control over everything they do.

The platform gives flexibility for freelancers and clients. You can choose when and how you’ll receive the payments.  It’s very easy to reach an agreement with the company that hires you, such as, get paid hourly, set up a fixed price or choose to receive the money weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Guru has the lowest fees in the industry and that’s something to keep in mind when you choose a freelance remote job site to grow as a professional.  If you join Guru, you’ll only have to pay a 5% job fee.

The site shows numbers and commissions upfront, which says a lot about its credibility and security.


Source: High Target

In PeoplePerHour, companies post projects and freelancers ‘fight’ to get the job.  As an independent worker, you can send proposals to potential employers and they’ll decide whether to collaborate with you or not.

How can you stand out in a platform where thousands of freelancers are working every day? The answer is simple, build a strong personal profile and upload your best work to your portfolio.

Companies are constantly checking freelancers’ profiles to see how they work and the reviews they’ve received from previous clients.  That’s why you should apply to as many projects as you can.  When you start your journey in PeoplePerHour you have 15 credits to spend on proposals.  Use them wisely and build trust with buyers.


Remote work gives power to the people.  Companies all around the world have adapted to the new working trends and are giving more flexibility to their employees.  Now, people can decide whether to work in the office, in a hybrid work model or from home.

If you want to find a remote job to advance in your professional career, use remote job listings pages, remote tech job boards or freelancers platforms.  Have a look at the 27 job listings and search tools described in this article to get some inspiration.

About the author 

Stefan Smulders is a SaaS entrepreneur and a founder of the world’s safest software for LinkedIn automation – Expandi.io. He’s enjoying his family life in the Netherlands being a proud father of a lovely 4-year old son Steef.

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