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Affordable Locations To Hold A Meeting In NYC


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When you think of meetings or conferences, they tend to conjure up images of boardrooms and elaborate office spaces.  However, in reality, many businesses and entrepreneurs lack the office space to hold meetings with clients, employees, or leads..

With businesses becoming increasingly digitized, there are many options for those looking to meet their budget. In this article, we will focus on the most affordable places to hold a meeting including coffee shops, hotels, and platforms –  such as DropDesk.

Free Meeting Room Options Near You

Coffee Shop

If your meeting is more of an informal nature, there’s nothing wrong with hosting at a coffee shop. Why? Because your only cost would be the scone and light roast that you buy from the café. Secondly, what’s better than supporting local businesses?

Of course, you can present information from the internet in a casual nature, from laptops and cellphones, since most coffee shops offer free WiFi. If your meeting is beyond a couple people, or if the nature of the meeting needs privacy or high-speed WiFi, a coffee shop likely won’t fit your needs.

Hotel Lobbies or Lounges

Many hotels offer free meeting space, especially those that cater to business conferences. Lobbies, lounges, or even cafes/restaurants located in the hotel allow for smaller, more casual encounters. Usually hotels can be crowded or cramped for anything more extensive than a casual meeting.

If you want a more upscale experience, booking a conference room at a hotel gives you a bit more to work with. These spaces are explicitly catered towards more formal meetings, with amenities such as WiFi, refreshments, and projection screens, etc.

Such an environment is ideal for board meetings or important sales pitches, that comes with a price tag.


If your meeting is during the morning or afternoon hours, you may want to take advantage of gathering at a restaurant (during its slow hours). If you have a casual meeting and do not need anything more than a sit-down, the combination of food and ambiance could be a great choice.

Avoid busy hours or crowded locations, because nothing is worse than trying to have a discussion and not being able to hear your colleague.

Affordable Meeting Room Options


Being a bit biased, DropDesk is an incredibly affordable option for hosting a meeting or working from a professional space. This on-demand workspace platform offers by-the-hour bookings at reasonable rates.

Every location including: coworking spaces,  restaurants, retails spaces, are converted into temporary coworking spaces and all come with an array of amenities, such as high-speed WiFi.

No matter the needs, scope, or the number of people attending the meeting being held, there’s an option for you that won’t break the bank. This is what makes DropDesk such a versatile choice.

Coworking Spaces

Remote work is becoming prevalent, and people continue to work outside of the confines of traditional office settings. As such, coworking spaces are less of a novelty and more a necessity than ever before.

As available resources/amenities go, WiFi, refreshments, and even things like projection screens are part of the package. The pricing for coworking is more mid-range, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Premium Meeting Space Options


This platform provides access to a multitude of private meeting spaces that can be booked for daily or hourly rates. Small groups of two or three all the way up to 40+ persons can use such a service which offers power outlets, WiFi and other amenities that vary by location.

While its perks are superb, Breather’s cost makes it a frivolous purchase for many businesses and entrepreneurs without a traditional office.

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