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Breather New York City Alternatives


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Breather’s coworking spaces throughout New York City are undoubtedly comprehensive and conducive to your overall productivity and creativity. The coworking platform operates in Manhattan and its adjacent boroughs, charging users $500+ for daily rentals.  Each location is equipped with whiteboards, mobile chargers, WiFi, and HDTVs, ensuring you’ll have what you need to produce results. With Breather, they offer a dedicated account manager and a customer support team available 24/7. The minimalist app is exceptionally user-friendly; making the process of finding and booking rooms a straight-forward experience – while changing and canceling reservations is headache-free. However, according to an article in the New York Times, Breather’s method of charging isn’t the most affordable for small teams and is one of the main turn-offs for consumers, who’d rather find more reasonable prices. 
If you’re somebody looking for a private space that will ensure optimal productivity, but Breather doesn’t appeal to you, read below for some Breather NYC coworking alternatives.


DropDesk’s coworking platform is a versatile, intuitive, and flexible solution for any user, especially since it doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Via partnerships with local businesses and landlords, DropDesk maximizes the value of unused spaces. Seasonal companies – during slow or closed seasons – can use the state-of-the-art tool to transform their unused workspace into a coworking environment. Of the several major US cities it serves, DropDesk maintains a lasting presence in New York City and continues to thrive in the Big Apple.  The technology is decidedly uncomplicated and is compatible with iOS and Android, offering apps on both devices.  You can also interact with DropDesk’s web interface while filtering based on your preferred amenities (such as after-hours access and parking) to find a coworking space near you. With the “DropZone” feature, DropDesk allows you to reserve a space for however long you need.  Also, the app notifies venue owners in real-time when you’ve booked their space, so you can start working immediately upon your arrival. Furthermore, DropDesk’s services are multi-tiered, providing you the opportunity to work from a variety of different spaces like restaurants, offices with loosecubes, lofts, coworking spaces and more.

Best of all, DropDesk offers a marketplace where you can enroll in business services like Search Engine Optimization, PPC Management, Chatbots, and more to further push your business to success.


ShareDesk’s 4500 venues throughout 440 global cities establish the sheer enormity of the coworking platform’s international footprint, on top of its sterling reputation. It lives up to its tagline – ‘on-demand workspace, when you need it,’ as customers can book hourly, daily, or monthly spaces, meaning optimal flexibility. Being more of an aggregator than a private network, ShareDesk’s pricing and amenities depend on what their coworking partners charge and offer.  They base their listed pricing on averages, so you can surmise what you’ll most likely pay for a coworking space. There average hourly rates in New York are very reasonable. If you’re a ShareDesk user, you aren’t a member of a specific space.  Instead, you’ll select a given coworking space and lease it for however long you need.  Just choose your space type (workspace or meeting room) and your rental terms (hourly, daily, or monthly) and see what’s available.  At the end of your current reservation, you can switch to any other space throughout the network. Through ShareDesk’s secure platform, you’ll pay each venue directly whenever you book.


LiquidSpace possesses the trademark flexibility that makes for a highly successful coworking platform.  The platform connects coworking space owners, office building managers, business centers, and private businesses with individuals, teams, startups, or whomever else may require the space on an hourly or monthly basis.  Also, LiquidSpace offers custom offices to Startups and other businesses. Describing itself as “the largest, real-time network for office space,” LiquidSpace provides office spaces without a lease.  In New York, the platform currently has almost 1,700 available spaces, of which there’s anything from high-class modern offices in Lower Manhattan to a more artistic team space in Chelsea/Flatiron. Whether you’d prefer the more corporate suites of Midtown’s East and West or love the hip vibes throughout the West Village and Soho, LiquidSpace will set you up in the environment you most desire. Lastly, LiquidSpace even has a Workspace Concierge to help find your perfect office match. 


If you’re a freelancer seeking a part-time desk, or you work for a Startup company looking for an alternative to a multi-year lease, you’ve probably used WeWork at least once. After opening its first modest New York location in Soho back in 2010, WeWork has grown exponentially since those humble beginnings.  The platform recently established an even stronger foothold in the city, recently purchasing the iconic Lord & Taylor building in Manhattan for $850 million.  Starting with just two total locations, WeWork extended to 562 global spaces, as of 2018.  With such a fabulous track record, it’s no surprise that WeWork has the most brand recognition of all coworking spaces As a WeWork user, you’ll reap the benefits of high-speed internet, bright spaces, large common areas, business-class printing/scanning, conference rooms, and private phone booths.  As such, the price reflects these premium amenities.


Croissant charges users monthly – starting at $39 per month and topping out at $249 per month for New York-based members.
The cost of membership with Croissant depends on your home market and monthly hours you’ll need (10, 40, or 20), and grants you access to hundreds of beautiful workspaces across the city.  Rather than limiting your access based on tiered memberships, you can spend your hours at any location. For the ultimate convenience, Croissant offers facilities with extended hours, including its smartphone app unlocking the doors.  While the available amenities differ from space to space, they all include free coffee, at a minimum. The mainstream credibility of Croissant is resonant.

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