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Croissant Coworking Alternatives


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Available in around 30 markets in the US and around the world, Croissant is an established name in the coworking space. Croissant takes the membership approach: choose your home market and the number of hours per month you need (10, 40, or 120), and sign up.

Your membership grants you access to hundreds of coworking spaces in the Croissant network. Your hours are good at any of them. Some facilities offer extended hours, with doors that unlock via the smartphone app.

Membership is fairly affordable compared to premium services like WeWork. A New York-based membership tops out at $249 per month for 120 hours. Perks vary depending on the space but generally include free coffee at a minimum.

Croissant has its perks, but it’s not a good fit for those looking for full-time spaces. Also, since amenities vary, user experience does too.

Here are five other coworking space services if you’re looking for a Croissant coworking alternative.


DropDesk enters into partnerships with local businesses and landlords, allowing them to capitalize on their unused space. Seasonal businesses can use DropDesk to turn their unused space into coworking space during the slow or closed season. DropDesk currently serves major US markets including Boston, Chicago, and New York.

Find the space you need using iOS or Android apps or their web interface. You can filter based on the amenities you need (such as after-hours access and parking). Reserve a space for as long or as short as you need using their “Drop Zone” feature. DropDesk doesn’t require long-term commitment like some others.


Given the growth of remote and freelance work, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of independent coworking spaces sprinkled across the globe. Coworker is essentially the Travelocity or Yelp of the coworking market. Coworker boasts access to over 11,000 coworking spaces in over 165 countries, and users can review the ones they’ve used.

Their versatile search platform can reveal the perfect mix of amenities in the perfect location for your team. Users benefit from the aggregated reviews, too, so they can easily avoid problematic venues.

Given the nature of the platform, prices and amenities range widely.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


“On-demand workspace, when you need it” is the tagline at ShareDesk. Like DropDesk, ShareDesk allows users to book by the hour, day, or month, giving excellent flexibility.

ShareDesk has a large footprint, with 4500 venues spanning 440 global cities. ShareDesk’s service is more of an aggregator than private network, meaning pricing and amenities vary depending on what the individual coworking partners charge and offer. For example, $200 a month will rent a hot desk at one coworking space in Austin, and $400 will rent a dedicated desk at another.

With ShareDesk, users choose their space type (workspace or meeting space) and their term of rental (hourly, daily, monthly) and see what’s available near you.

This platform doesn’t take the membership approach, meaning you’ll choose a specific coworking space and lease it for as long as you need. Of course, you can switch to another space in the network at the end of your current reservation. The difference is that you’ll pay each venue directly at time of booking—through ShareDesk’s secure platform, of course.


LiquidSpace is a sort of combination of several of the approaches discussed already. It describes itself as “the largest, real-time network for office space.”

LiquidSpace connects people with space (coworking space owners, office building managers, business centers, and private businesses) with people who need it (individuals, teams, startups, and more). If you have big, complex needs, LiquidSpace is a great option.


The coworking platform with the greatest brand recognition, WeWork came to prominence by bringing Silicon Valley style amenities to the coworking market.

A WeWork membership gives you around-the-clock access to over 600 locations, each one a premium experience.
Make no mistake: WeWork is a premium platform. In Austin, hot desks start at $390 a month, and private offices range from $740 to $2,430 a month.


The coworking market continues to grow, and so do the services aimed at helping you find your perfect space. It’s a lot to navigate, but we hope this list of Croissant alternatives will point you in the right direction. Happy hunting!

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