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What is DropDesk?

DropDesk is a technology that allows users to access unique workspaces and a sense of community. We partner with restaurants, coworking spaces, business centers and cafes to allow our users to view workspace as an experience.

Why Become A DropZone

Monetize unused space

Monetize unused space and create new lines of revenue to complement your primary business.

Build a loyal community

Build a loyal community by creating unique experiences around your space.

Give your business a competitive edge

Give your business a competitive edge by allowing customers to find you more easily.

Work with our team

Work with our team of digital markedting experts to outrank competitors and drive customer to your space.


Join The Shared Economy

Join The Shared Economy


Staff available to greet members/answer question on arrival.

Tables, Counters and Lounges for users to work in comfort.

Great wifi, Coffee, Tea and unique amenities to offer.

DropZone Listing

DropDesk will create a local listing page on to actively market your space based on your workspace schedule.

DropZone Listing
Venue Responsibilities

Venue Responsibilities

Host is responsible for greeting members during access hours chosen by the venue, and ensuring listed amenities, such as coffee, snacks and testings available to users.

When a member books your space, you will receive a confirmation email with the members details and calendar notification.

Creating a good expeience and making members feel welcome is important as these members will likely be returning customers.

Getting Paid

All payment is handled through the DropDesk platform. At the end of each month DropDesk will pay you for what our members use minus our fee.

Getting Paid

Don't Have Time To Manage Your Space?

Let Our Experienced DropDesk Team Manage And Operate Your Space As A Full-Time Coworking Space