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The Advantages of Coworking In Restaurants


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By 2020, the number of people working from coworking spaces worldwide will grow to 2.26 million and towards the end of 2019, there will be around 22,400 coworking spaces around the world. These numbers are significant and show that coworking is a rapidly growing phenomenon that is here to stay. Along with the growth of coworking, there are innovative pop-up workspaces appearing throughout urban and suburban areas. One of the most talked about coworking trends is coworking in restaurants. So why should you consider working from a restaurant or pop up space? Let’s find out!

Benefits of Coworking in Restaurants

Coworking spaces have a ton of benefits, so why should you consider working from a restaurant? Here are the advantages:

Cheaper Alternative To Coworking

 If you are just starting your business or are not looking to spend too much on a coworking membership, working with a company that operates out of restaurants could be a great way to save. The average price for a coworking day pass is between $30-$45/day, while a day pass to work out of a restaurant is around $25/day. There is an even larger pricing gap when comparing coworking space memberships to restaurant coworking memberships. A typical coworking space will charge $250-$450/month for unlimited drop-in access, while an unlimited package at a restaurant coworking space is around $100/month (1/3 the cost).

Access To The Important Amenities

Like a traditional coworking space, you will receive the same basic amenities, if you purchase a membership from a restauarnt coworking space. The following amenities are included with a restaurant coworking membership:
  • Access to a network of locations.
  • Comfortable tables or lounges to work from.
  • High-speed wifi.
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks.
  • Member discounts.


Since you will be working from a physical location and will have access to the virtual network of members, it will be hard not to bump into like-minded professionals. It is also not untypical for the restaurant spaces to offer a happy hour special or networking event (in collaboration with the coworking brand) to connect members after the work day. This is especially important for individuals in the business development or sales careers.

Helping Local Business

One benefit that is rarely touched upon is the impact you are making by supporting local businesses. There are countless coworking brands that have raised millions of dollars to attract high-end companies (in other words they are really not impacted by your business). By working local, you are helping cater to small businesses that need support. Working local gives restaurant owners support by creating a line of revenue for them during their less active hours of operation. It is for this very reason that many restaurant owners have taken interest in how to convert their restaurants into coworking spaces.

Startups That Operate Coworking Spaces in Restaurants

Here are some companies that will help you find a local workspace near you!


Locations: New York City, SF Price $100/month


Locations: New York City, SF Founder: Preston Pesek Price $200/month


Location: New York City Founders: Andrew Levy, Nick Lovacchini, Daniel Rosenzweig Prices: $100/month

Coworking Cafe

Location: Arlington, VA Founder: David James Prices: $150/month


Location: Austin Founders: Christa Freeland, Jacob Morin Prices: $150/month

Work Eat Play (Closed)

Locations: New York City Founder: Peter Litvinenko Prices: $95/month

Flex Day

Location: Toronto Founder: Justin Raymond Price: $25/day Coworking in restaurants are a new model that seems to be rapidly expanding. Aside from the benefits to the owner, on paper, it seems you get the same basic amenities as if you were working from a traditional coworking space. Try it out and let us know your thoughts!

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