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What Does A Coworking Space Community Manager Do?


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Coworking spaces have been rapidy expanding at a rate of 20-25% each year. According to JLL by 2030, coworking is expected to expand to 30% of the office market. How has coworking expanded so quickly? A large part of the coworking model’s success has to do with finding the right community manager to engage and foster community at your locations. In this article, we are going to focus on what a community manager is, what the roles and responsibilities are, a sample job description and tips on what makes a community manager a great.

What Is A Community Manager?

Community managers are arguably one of the most important elements when creating and scaling your coworking vision. Any coworking space can offer amenities and good deals, but the community manager is the one who makes customers feel welcome and at ease. A community manager is the person responsible for managing, improving, and leveraging relationships within a coworking space. So what does a coworking space community manager do? Community managers are responsible for a majority of the onsite operations which range from:
  • Facility Management-Ensuring the coworking space is clean, inventory is stocked, the mail is received, and local vendors deliver without disruption.
  • Member Management-Use a coworking management software to manage space, member invoices, and issues.
  • Marketing– Manage coworking marketing campaigns and engagement through email and phone.
  • Business Development and Sales– Conduct onsite tours, CRM, follow up with leads, and sign members up.
  • Community Engagement-Create networking initiatives, social events, online community, and local partnerships to increase the stickiness factor of the space.

The Top Qualities To Look For In A Coworking Space Community Manager

Since coworking spaces are hospitality based businesses, community managers need to be personable, show empathy, and be great all-around managers. What traits make a good community manager?

1) People Skills

Most members join coworking spaces because of community. A good manager will make sure these prospective members (or existing members) feel comfortable and welcome – whether its an event idea, issue, or suggestion, members want to be heard.

2) Accountability

At the end of the day, a community manager reports to the owners of the space. They stay on top of reports such as revenue, member changes, and pending issues are key to showing the value you bring to your community. Managers should be independent, hardworking, and not above any job.

3) Authenticity

A good community manager integrates their own interests and hobbies into discussions with members. By doing so, their interests and members interests may be used in community-building initiatives.  This is a great way to find common connections, build relationships and foster a strong network within your space.

4) Curiousity

A community manager should follow up with members and potential members to find out how their businesses and lives have changed. Showing a keen interest lets your members know that you care.

5) Enthusiasm

Its important that when looking for a community manager that they believe whole-heartedly in your space and the ideas it supports.

Coworking Space Community Manager Job Description Template

Community Manager: For X Coworking Space About the Role:

(Enter a blurb about your company, vision, and history).

Venue Responsibilities include:
  • Create a welcoming environment: assist members in a friendly, patient and professional manner
  • Onboard new members: activate and distribute keys, print accounting numbers answer new member questions
  • Manage local vendors and maintenance teams
  • Oversee Assistant Manager and execute daily operations
  • Input and maintain accurate data across various platforms (billing, customer data, inventory)
  • Maintain high occupancy rates
  • Create a sense of community among members
  • Generate monthly reports to summarize location analytics
Sales and Marketing Initiatives:
  • Devise and execute local marketing strategies to generate leads
  • Establish “look alike” audiences, cold call, email to attract new clientele 
  • Follow up on a frequent basis with prospective members, document activity in CRM and marketing platform 
  • Conduct sales tours to sell potential members onsite
  • Negotiate member deals and local discounts for members
  • Utilize craigslist, loopnet, MLS, 42 floors and other marketing platforms to list inventory on a weekly basis
Community Initiatives:
  • Manage community initiatives designed to develop member relationships
  • Plan monthly events, seasonal parties, or member events to bring community together
  • Centralize member communication


  • Experience in sales, hospitality, customer service, or business operations
  • Comfortable speaking, selling, and growing the community
  • Strong verbal and communication skills
  • Self starter, quick learner, and confident
  • Exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Warm and approachable
  • Reliable 
  • Professional demeanor
  • Prior leadership and hospitality experience is a plus

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