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Alternative To MoonClerk-Coworking Subscription Platform


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Looking for a platform to help with your coworking spaces recurring payments? Consider DropDesk as a MoonClerk alternative.

As a DropDesk space partner, we give you access to our coworking management software, making it easier than ever to except one-time or recurring payments for your workspace. Unlike MoonClerk, our platform was specifically built for coworking spaces.

Create Memberships Plans And Custom Packages

Roll out one-time passes, hourly packages, or recurring memberships for all your locations.

Create custom invoices and set billing cycles making collecting payments for your coworking space much easier! Your members can login to your fully branded customer portal where they can make fast payments, track allowances and learn about new events.

View Booking Activity On One Dashboard

From one user-friendly interface, you can update member subscriptions,
assign team leads for corporate accounts, and update payment details with no fuss.

Admins easily customize member booking permissions, accounts, credits, and much more using our proprietary coworking software.

Still Not Convinced?

Unlike MoonClerk, DropDesk does not charge a monthly fee to coworking spaces. We operate using an affiliate model. So, we only make money as you scale your space. DropDesk offers SaaS services to members within your workspaces, such as Search Engine Optimization and Chatbots. We make money from services so we can help spaces grow.

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