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Optix Coworking Software Alternative


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Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular with both businesses and freelancers aiming to expand their locations without complications of year-long leases and fully equipped offices. To function effectively, a coworking space should utilize a coworking management software system that coordinates everything from bookings to payments.

Optix is one of the most featured of the coworking software platforms out there. It has tons of useful features like real-time space and seat bookings, real-time analytics, monitoring, and team collaboration systems as well as physical access control and automatic check-in and check-out.

However, all these features come at a price, and Optix is one of the most expensive coworking management software platforms available. So if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, what are the best Optix coworking software alternatives? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best solutions out there that you should explore.


DropDesk is focused on both the enterprise and user angle of coworking spaces. It’s designed to help freelancers find workspaces in their area and helps cut costs by allowing users to rent spaces on a month-to-month basis. It has several useful features, including a space and desk booking system, a user-monitoring system and plenty of analytics to find out where and when various employees are working. There’s also a space to create networking events to foster collaboration between multiple workers.

All these systems come at a reasonable monthly rate that can be canceled or adjusted at any time. Flexibility is the keyword for DropDesk, allowing for freedom and enhanced productivity.


Cobot is a white-label coworking software solution that can be customized to fit within any business. It has a robust variety of features, including standard booking and financial systems. It’s also very reasonably priced depending on the number of coworking members that use the platform. Visitors and day-guests are exempt from this limit, meaning it’s quite a flexible and fair system.

The main drawback of Cobot is the relative lack of sophisticated features. There are no advanced business analytics or integration options, and support is limited to weekday working hours –  which can be a problem if you have multiple international locations. Cobot is excellent for small enterprises but less useful for businesses who need more from their coworking management platform.

WUN/Yardi Kube

Yardi Kube is designed as a one-stop shop when it comes to coworking space management. It contains a whole suite of tools and applications that are presented intuitively in an easy-to-use UI. The features run the gamut from space management to an integrated communication platform and tenant billing systems. Productivity and efficiency can be measured through the use of KPIs that are monitored in real-time to ensure data-driven, accurate decisions. It also offers secure methods to set up Wi-Fi and voice services without the need for specialized skill sets.

Yardi Kube is a comprehensive system that has all the features you could expect from a coworking space platform. It also has excellent support that is available at all times from the mobile app. Payments are specifically customized to your particular needs, which is why they are unfortunately only available on request.


Nexudus offers a combination of coworking space management and customer relationship management platforms aimed at running coworking spaces for both employees and visitors. The platform has extensive integration options with over 100 different payment processors, which can be used on virtually any mobile device thanks to its various apps. It also offers white-label functionality and can be extensively customized.

Nexudus offers a whole range of specific features in a simple and easy to understand interface. While it’s got an excellent range of integration options with payment processors, other integration options are sadly limited. Payment plans consist of monthly subscriptions based on the number of members.


Coworkify aims to streamline and simplify the process of managing a coworking space. The software contains only the essential features like bookings, member management, and automated invoicing at a very affordable price. It’s also highly customizable, so if you need any extra features, you can add them in with little fuss.

Like many other coworking space management systems, Coworkify is a subscription-plan model that’s very affordable, capping out at $200/month for unlimited members. They also offer a free trial to allow you to decide whether or not it meets your coworking space needs.


Andcards is a member-first coworking space software. It is primarily designed to enhance the coworking space member experience. Andcards technology is available in a form of intuitive and fully native custom-branded mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as a white-label web application running on your domain. The software allows coworking space customers to reserve meeting rooms, discover and apply for value-added services, and communicate via Stream community newsfeed.

Andcards offers a range of integrations to improve the coworking customer experience: payments, support ticketing, customer messaging, access control, printing, Zapier, and open API to build your own. The meeting room display feature allows visitors to view a real-time schedule at the meeting room door. The service is available as a monthly subscription at a transparent $249 per location. It includes unlimited users, features, booking resources, weekly product updates, and friendly 24/7 live chat customer support

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