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DropDesk & Office Freedom introducing hybrid memberships for flexible office spaces across the US


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[New York, NY, October 21st, 2021] – As the world slowly returns to the office, many companies are testing the waters to understand how to best introduce flexible working into their ‘hybrid & agile working’ strategy.

The global flexible office space brokerage (Office Freedom) has teamed up with a workplace-as-a-service platform (DropDesk) to offer membership passes that grant access to a wide network of flexible office spaces. This allows companies to quickly find inspiring office spaces and offer adaptable membership packages for their teams-a move that complements the new era of remote work. 

“By all indications the future of work is hybrid” (Harvard Business Review). A majority of U.S. workers would prefer working locally, whether it’s from a workspace close to home, their home office, or local company HQ. These hybrid workspace strategies not only foster productivity, but they are helpful in creating new relationships, and tend to break up the monotony of everyday life. Setting up successful hybrid workspace strategies can be complex and not many companies know how to navigate these new dynamic conditions.

With the pandemic creating new perspectives on how and where we should work, many companies started to pilot new spaces as part of their return to the office this year. Whether that’s leveraging unused square footage in buildings they already occupy or renting sections of larger office spaces, the all-in-one place office model will be less common. People want the option to work from home or close to it, away from distractions and with the right equipment needed to be productive. Bringing DropDesk and Office Freedom together is the perfect solution to strengthen the bridge between the pre-covid and post-covid workspace. 

“We partnered with Office Freedom to offer the membership pass as a way to help businesses with distributed teams,” explains Graham Beck, Founder of DropDesk. “Office Freedom’s extensive network of flexible offices in the US (1,500) combined with the DropDesk platform will serve as a launchpad for “a” global hybrid workplace adoption.”

The joint membership pass will allow:

  • Businesses to easily integrate hybrid workspace models by providing employees access to fully-furnished, work-ready spaces no matter where they are located.
  • Access to a global network of offices ranging from coworking spaces, on-demand meetings rooms, up to full-time offices.
  • Employers to gain visibility over bookings to see who is working from where and when.

Today’s announcement builds on DropDesk’s pioneering work to advance the adoption of hybrid workplace models allowing businesses of every size scalable solutions to the growing interest of remote work. It also helps Office Freedom to leverage new technologies to fill empty workspaces from their mass network of global locations. 

If you wish to try DropDesk Pass, we encourage you to visit: https://drop-desk.com/pass/teams

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About DropDesk

Based in NY, DropDesk helps companies incorporate hybrid workspace

strategies through our workplace-as-a-service platform. DropDesk’s membership model is the easiest way to allow your team to work flexibly without ever needing a lease. Our mission is to connect the decentralized workplace across the globe.

For more information, visit https://drop-desk.com and follow @DropDeskLLC

About Office Freedom

Established in 1993 by their Founder & CEO, Richard Smith, under its former name SOS > Search Office Space, Office Freedom was the first ever flexible workplace aggregator/brokerage. Having pioneered this marketplace, it has now advised more than 40,000 clients and currently lists more than 15,000 offices in over 1000 cities across six continents. Today, it offers the full spectrum of workplace solutions, including flexible and managed offices, serviced offices, coworking spaces, flexible leases, meeting rooms, virtual offices, hot desking, and business continuity/disaster recovery space.

Office Freedom has carved out a niche and has a reputation for negotiating aggressive deals for large and small spaces, on behalf of their clients (ranging from Enterprise, SME’s & Startups) whilst enabling them to compare the entire market in one place, whilst providing a no-fee, white-glove service. 

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Graham Beck, DropDesk

Mail hello@dropdesk.io


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