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The Ten Best Coffee Shops to Work in NYC


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Whether you work from remotely, there’s no place more difficult to get stuff done than your NYC apartment.

Either the neighbors below you are always arguing, the guy upstairs needs to have his TV on full blast all hours of the day, or there’s some other uniquely New York City distraction to keep you from dialing in and getting your work done.

That’s where coworking spaces and alternatives places to work such coffee shops and restaurants come in!

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to set up shop and get in a solid few hours of work at just any spot. Some places don’t have wifi, while others forbid laptop use altogether in the interest of maintaining a certain vibe at their shop.

Thankfully, there’s still a bunch of friendly shops with wifi that you can take advantage of. Today, we’ll cover the best coffee shops to work in NYC.

Ninth Street Espresso

East Village 341 E. 10th Street New York, NY 10009

If you’re looking for a coffee shop that takes a no-nonsense approach, Ninth Street Espresso is the perfect spot for you.

They forgo the fancy drink menu entirely, focusing primarily on espresso and brewed coffee. There’s also have a well-curated selection of Balthazar pastries if you’re looking for a quick snack.

Inside, you’ll find a bright space with plenty of natural light overlooking Tompkins Square Park. There’s plenty of free wifi to go around, but seating is limited, so it’s best to have a backup plan if you can’t find a good place to work when you get there.

Ninth Street Espresso is open from 7am-8pm every day of the week, so if you’re looking for one of the best coffee shops with wifi NYC has to offer, try them on for size.

JOE Coffee at Cadillac House

Hudson Square 330 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10013

Thanks to Cadillac, we have an innovative new space that provides a free coworking environment to anyone who’s willing to stare at a couple of new Cadillacs on their way to sit down.

This interesting space serves as a venue for pop up shops, seminars, and art installations, and there’s a JOE Coffee shop inside to keep you supplied with caffeine while you bang out those reports.

This location is especially ideal for those who feel guilty about buying a $3 coffee and then spending their entire day occupying a table at a coffee shop.

Cadillac House is open from 8am-7pm on the weekdays and 10am-5pm on weekends. As long as Cadillac House is open, so is JOE Coffee. The co-working area is usually nice and quiet, making this spot one of the best study spots NYC has to offer.


Greenpoint 29 Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

One of the better options on our list is A/D/O in Greenpoint. This spot is more a coworking space than it is a coffee shop, which makes it a perfect place to come and focus when you need to get work done.

They have coffee as well, and Norman, the attached restaurant cranks out amazing food that you can order should you get hungry. But, the focus at A/D/O is to provide locals with a state-of-the-art coworking environment to take advantage of.

They also need to keep the lights on, and a bunch of freelancers buying a coffee or two a day doesn’t cut it. So, they rent the space out from time to time, and there are other events that can affect the hours at A/D/O.

Of course, beggars can’t be choosers, and A/D/O goes the extra mile to provide a great space for you to get your work done, making them one of the top-rated cafes to work from in New York City.

Fab Cup Coffee House

West New Brighton 605 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310

If you find yourself in the forgotten borough of Staten Island, and you’re in need of a space to get some work done, Fab Cup has you covered.

This quaint spot doesn’t have tons of room, but you’re usually able to find a great spot to get an hour or two of productivity.

In addition to coffee, they serve some light bites, acai bowls, and crepes. You can pop into Fab Cup from 7am-7pm Monday through Sunday.

Ludlow Coffee Supply

Lower East Side 176 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

You won’t find a better vibe anywhere in the LES than Ludlow Coffee Supply. This quiet spot is one of the best places for studying in New York City. It’s perfect for coworking too.

It’s a little on the small side, so always have a backup plan if you can’t manage to find a seat. But, when you can carve out a little real estate for yourself, you’ll be rewarded with wifi, outlets, and some of the finest coffee New York has to offer.

LCS is open 7am-9pm every day of the week. Long hours and great coffee and snacks make this one of the best cafes on our list.

Kinship Coffee Cooperative

Astoria 30-5 Steinway St, Astoria, NY 11103

Kinship Coffee Cooperative in Astoria, Queens, just gets it. They understand our plight and are happy to provide us with a bright and beautiful coworking space in the heart of one of the best neighborhoods in Queens.

There’s plenty of space, free wifi, and great coffee. They also have a great looking menu, although I’ve admittedly never sampled anything because I usually have my eye on any of the other amazing restaurants Astoria has to offer.

Kinship is open from 7am-9pm every day of the week except for Sunday when they’re open from 8am-9pm. If you’re in Astoria or anywhere in northern Queens, and looking for the best place to work remotely, this is it.

The Boogie Down Grind Cafe

Hunts Point 866 Hunts Point Avenue, New York, NY 10474

Bronx residents, rejoice! There’s finally a great coffee shop in town. Best of all, The Boogie Down Grind Cafe is also a particularly friendly spot if you need to get some work done.

Boogie Down offers coffee from some of NYC’s standout roasters, and they also have a great selection of snacks and small bites, and a few sandwiches if you’re looking for lunch.

With free wifi and plenty of outlets and seating available, The Boogie Down should be one of the first coffee shops you look into if you’re in the area.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters at Ace Hotel

Korea Town 18 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

The Ace Hotel provides some of the best accommodations in all of New York City, and it’s also home to some of the tastiest coffee, courtesy of Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

Stumptown has locations throughout the city, but this is my favorite when it’s time to get some work done. There’s ample seating, outlets, and wifi to go around. In addition to great coffee, there’s also some delicious small bites you can indulge in when you need a fix.

This location has everything you need, and it’s one of the best cafes for working in New York. They open at 6am during the week, so it’s perfect for the early risers, too. On the weekends, they’re open at 7am, and every night of the week they close their doors at 8pm.

Perk Kafe

Upper East Side 1867 2nd Ave New York, NY 10029

If you’re a sucker for the classics, the Perk Kafe is tailor-made for you. Nestled into the quaint Upper East Side neighborhood of Yorkville, Perk is a small shop that’s big on personality.

Instead of giving it their best shot on their own, Perk outfits their place with some of the finest coffee and snacks the city has available. The coffee is from Stumptown, the doughnuts are from Dough bakery, and the staff is quick to get you your order and get you back to work.

While the place is small, there’s a massive communal table you’ll be able to take refuge at if any of the more private seating locations are already taken.

Plus, since it’s located in a quiet(er) neighborhood, there’s also peace and quiet to be had inside, making this one of the better places to get work done or study in peace.

Gregory’s Coffee

Flatiron 327 Park Ave S New York, NY 10010

Gregory’s Coffee is slowly becoming as ubiquitous in the city as Starbucks, and there are over twenty locations throughout the city all specializing in premium coffee, tasty snacks, and most importantly, free wifi.

Each location is large enough to accommodate plenty of people, but they still manage to maintain the vibe of a small neighborhood shop. With plenty of seating and outlets abound, Gregory’s Coffee has quickly become one of our favorite cafes for getting work done in NYC.

With over 20 locations and counting, you’re never too far from one, and each location offers free wifi and a great place to work. This location is open from 6am-8pm Monday through Thursday, 6am-7pm on Friday, and 7am-7pm on the weekend.

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