The Best Coworking Spaces in Seattle

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Over the years, Seattle has become a popular city for businesses to emerge and grow, which explains why there’s no shortage of community offices. If you’re an entrepreneur, creative or startup owner, keep reading to learn more about 25 of the best coworking spaces in Seattle!

ATLAS Workbase

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If you’re looking for a coworking space that doesn’t make you commit to a long-term membership, ATLAS Workbase is a great choice. Besides the monthly passes, each plan also has daily ones. Talk about flexibility!

Amenities: Meeting and event spaces, 10Gbps internet, parking, bike storage, mail and package services, IT support, concierge, spa showers with towel service, lockers, complimentary beverages, gourmet kitchen space


  • The Lounge: from $199/month
  • The Concourse: from $299/month
  • The Concourse All Access: from $379/month
  • Concourse private workbase: from $1495/month


Ballard Labs

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A diverse community of entrepreneurs, a quiet work environment, loads of daylight and plenty of exotic coffee to keep your productivity levels high… does that sound good? Look into the Ballard Labs!

Amenities: Private phone booth, conference rooms, full kitchen, coffee service, printing & office supplies, garage parking, on-site security, storage & locking file cabinet, ethernet


  • Shared space: $330/month
  • Designated desk: $450/month
  • Private office: $1500/month
  • Virtual office: $150/month


Black Dot

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Black Dot was created in 2015 to support and connect African entrepreneurs. Besides the working space, you’ll also have access to workshops and a mentorship program – perfect if you’re just starting out.

Amenities: Wifi, projector, printer and resource room, gallery exhibition space, resources for entrepreneurs, free parking lot, kitchen

Price: Available upon request


Collective Chemistry

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Calling all digital creatives! Whether you’re an animator, a web designer, a photographer or any other type of digital artist, Collective Chemistry has the community and resources you need to grow as a freelancer.

Amenities: Conference room, mail center, bike rack, phone room, lounges, bar, backdrop studio, screening room


  • Laptop membership: $250/month
  • Resident membership: $395/month


Coterie Work Lounge

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If you’re looking for an elegant, comfortable coworking space, you just found it. From its working space to the meeting rooms, kitchen and even bar, it doesn’t get much more sophisticated than the Coterie Work Lounge.

Amenities: Fast wi-fi, free conferencing hours, print/copy/scan, member events and networking, privacy booths, hot breakfast, kitchen, bar


  • Daily guest pass: $30
  • Trailblazer: $105
  • Executive: $220
  • Commuter: $350


Galvanize Seattle

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With over 200 mentors and over 15 workshops happening every month, it’s clear that Galvanize has a big focus on training and education. Whether you’re an individual or startup owner, here you’ll find the resources you need.

Amenities: Mentor programs, workshops, conference rooms, private phone booths, on-campus restaurants

Price: Available upon request


Hing Hay Coworks

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Hing Hay Coworks is a nonprofit coworking space and community development hub, perfect for local entrepreneurial businesses of all sizes and industries. There’s only one requirement to join this office: valuing the sense of community and camaraderie.

Amenities: Focus booths, unlimited coffee & tea, equipped kitchen, mail services, lockers, print & copy center, large, medium & small conference rooms, fiber broadband


  • 10-day flex membership: $145
  • 15-day flex membership: $200
  • Day pass: $35
  • Full-in flex membership: $330 for unlimited days/week
  • Full-in fixed membership: $380 for unlimited days/week


InCity Space

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InCity Space prides itself on helping hundreds of startups launch and grow their business. If you want to do the same for yours at an affordable price, this is the coworking space for you.

Amenities: Free drop-in garage parking, on-demand mail forwarding & scanned, receptionist onsite, fax, scanning, printing (B&W and color), business lounge, kitchen, free meeting room, and private office access


  • Business address: $29.95/month
  • Personal mailbox: $29.95/month
  • Coworking: $95/month


Indies Workshop

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Indies Workshop is quite a niche coworking space, as it is tailored specifically to gamers. Besides a great community, here you’ll find all the equipment you might need to design and develop your game.

Amenities: High-speed wifi, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, printer, scanner, lounge, kitchen, free tea, coffee, and water


  • Daily pass: $30
  • Full-time: $350/month


Industrious Seattle

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Industrious has locations all around the U.S. and two of those are in Seattle. One perk of these offices is that they can create custom offices for up to 250 team members. Perfect for larger businesses!

Amenities: Onsite staff, networking events, daily breakfast and snacks, color printing, phone booths, lounge, office supplies, ultrafast wifi, mail and packaging, dining options, outdoor space


  • Community memberships: from $540/month
  • Private offices: from $999/month


Knack Coworking

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Knack Coworking’s motto is “Get sh*t done” and that says it all. Knack was created to support “badass women, persons of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community and our allies,” so if you’re any of those, you should look into this office.

Amenities: Soundproof phone booths, fast wifi, unlimited printing & copying, local coffee and tea, expert advisory board, events & workshops, discounts on partner services, locker storage, showers, bike storage, ergonomic furniture, meeting & wellness rooms, desk support


  • Community member: $75/month
  • Flex-5: $99/month
  • Side-hustle: $199/month
  • Flex-15: $220/month
  • Flex full-time: $375/month
  • Dedicated desk: $600/month
  • Private offices: from $1850/month


Makers Workspaces

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Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or have a small to medium organization, Makers Workspaces can provide you with what you need to “spend more time checking off the tasks and projects on your to-do list” and successfully grow your business.

Amenities: Lounge, kitchen, conference room, mailboxes, event space, phonebooth, free coffee, tea and Bevi water, unlimited printing (B&W), fast wifi, community events, onsite staff, table games


  • Day pass: $35
  • Club plan: $45/month
  • 5-day flex: $110/month
  • Night flex: $150/month
  • 10-day flex: $200/month
  • Full-time flex: $250/month
  • Dedicated desk: $385/month
  • Virtual mail membership: $75/month


Office Nomads

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Office Nomads was founded in 2007 with the goal of fighting the isolation that can come with working remotely. If you want to join a coworking space that focuses on “collaboration, openness, accessibility, sustainability, and community” – this is it.

Amenities: Meeting rooms, phone rooms, print/scan/fax, coffee and tea, gender-neutral restrooms, indoor bike racks, shower, ergonomic furniture, treats for dogs, storage space


  • Advocate: $40/month
  • Part-time 5: $110/month
  • Part-time 10: $230/month
  • Unlimited: $350/month
  • Resident: $495/month
  • Team: from $460/month
  • Virtual: $25/month


Pioneer Collective

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The Pioneer Collective has two locations, one of them being in Seattle. This coworking space welcomes any type of professionals, from freelancers to non-profits, artists, visiting professionals, and much more, and it offers quite flexible access options.

Amenities: Meeting rooms, event space, bike storage, private showers, 500 Mbps wifi, color printing, local coffee, phone rooms, member events, onsite staff


  • Community 5: $95/month
  • Community 10: $175/month
  • Community unlimited: $225/month
  • Resident access: $475/month


Seattle Impact Hall

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Located in the heart of Pioneer Square, Seattle Impact Hall currently has over 600 members with one single goal: making the world a better place. If you too share this goal, this might just be the office for you.

Amenities: 1GB fiber wifi, indoor bike storage, showers & towels, ergonomic chairs, event space, conference rooms, classrooms, printers, private phone booths, whiteboards, local perks & discounts, community events, treadmill desk, coffee & tea, networking events, mailboxes, wellness room, onsite masseur, standing desks


  • Connect: $45/month
  • Part-time: $150/month
  • Full-time: $300/month
  • Unlimited: $375/month


The Cloud Room

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Proud to be “Seattle’s most creatively inspired coworking space”, The Cloud Room is perfect for entrepreneurs and businesses at any stage of their professional development. The membership plans are very flexible, ideal if you don’t want to commit too much.

Amenities: High-speed wifi, lounge, wellness perks, free coffee, showers, bike storage, mail delivery, printing, copying, lockboxes, ergonomic chairs, add-on concierge services, podcast studio


  • Floating day pass: $35/month
  • Conversational: $125/month
  • Night owl: $225/month
  • Floating desk: $330/month
  • Grounded desk: $600/month


Tag Spaces

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Who runs the world? Tag Spaces is a female-focused coworking space conveniently located in the University District. One perk of this office is that it is open 24 hours a day, so no matter what time you’re usually more productive, you have a desk to work at.

Amenities: High-speed internet, coffee, and tea bar, item and file lockbox, standing desks, printer and fax services, refrigerator, local discounts, parking, free snacks


  • Desk for a day: $25
  • Workshop rental: $350/month
  • Desk rental: $500/month


The Gelb Bldg.

image18 1

The Gelb Blgd. was specifically made for creative minds and it has all the amenities you might need, plus cool vibes on top. If you work with video, design, or words and you’ve been looking for an affordable office, this is a good option.

Amenities: Photo studio, conference room, workshop, kitchenette, standing desks, cafe bar seating, high-speed internet, bike storage, lounge


  • 5-day flex: $100/month
  • 10-day flex: $150/month
  • Full-time: $275/month
  • Photo studio rental: $30/hour


The Inc. Community Coworking + Playschool

image19 1

Being an entrepreneur and a parent isn’t always easy and that’s why places like The Inc. Community Coworking + Playschool are so convenient. If you’ve been seeking for a better balance between work and family, look into this coworking space.

Amenities: Childcare, private phone room, meeting room, member events, workshops, coffee, tea and occasional treats, breakroom, high-speed wifi, printer, onsite parking


  • The Inc. membership: $60/quarter
  • Toddler care/preschool: $16/hour


The Office at Ada’s

image20 1

The Office at Ada’s was founded with the goal of helping “geeks find the knowledge they seek.” and over the years, it has created the right environment not only for these geeks to share knowledge but also to work on their passion projects.

Amenities: High-speed wifi, skype room, standing desks, printer, scanner, terrace, kitchen, free coffee and water, lockers, dog-friendly, onsite cafe


  • Hot desk: $325/month
  • Dedicated desk: $400/month


The Riveter

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Built by women, for everyone, The Riveter is a coworking network that focuses on equity of opportunity and valuable connections. There are three locations in Seattle and all of them offer flexible memberships to all sorts of entrepreneurs.

Amenities: Private phone booths, professional programming, lightning-fast internet, HD projectors, mothers’ room, member events, conference rooms, mail service


  • Riveter Ally: $19/month
  • Riveter flex: from $199/month
  • River resident: from $400/month



image23 1

Do you feel the most productive when working in a laid-back environment? Then you might just like thinkspace. Besides the work conditions and the variety of amenities, this office has a gorgeous view of Lake Union. You’ll feel inspired every day!

Amenities: High-fast internet, printers, copier, scanner, full mail service, admin staff, community events, coffee, tea and kombucha, locker storage, telephone booths

Price: Available upon request


Vybe Communications Hub

image22 1

Are you looking for a coworking space that you can access at any time of the day (or night)? Vybe Communications Hub is a 24-hour office, with a central location and great parking options. Doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Amenities: Conference room, high-speed wifi, mailboxes, events, lounge


  • Hot desk: $125/month
  • Dedicated desk: $250/month



image24 1

WeWork is a worldwide coworking network and it currently has 16 locations in Seattle. All of them stand out for modern design and decor, as well as useful amenities and convenient access to parking and public transportation.

Amenities: Onsite staff, private phone booths, printers, high-speed wifi, ethernet, professional events, workshops, common areas, meeting rooms, complimentary coffee and tea

Price: Memberships vary from location to location


Works Progress

image25 1

Work Progress is the first coworking cooperative in Seattle and it describes itself as “independent, democratic, and community-owned”. Focused on social, environmental and financial benefits, this office promises to make anyone and everyone feel welcomed.

Amenities: High-speed internet, meeting and conference rooms, private phone booths, printers & scanners, mail & fax service, coffee, tea & snacks, dog-friendly, VR/media labs


  • Part-time: from $6/hour
  • Full-time: from $325/month
  • Private offices: from $950/month
  • VR/Media labs: from $25/hour