The Best Coworking Spaces in San Francisco

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Freelancers, writers, artists, startups, and small businesses in the bay don’t always need large office options for their flourishing company, but still need the amenities of an office space away from home! An office out of the house can help you concentrate, keeping you organized and energized as you work.

Today’s office and work environments are changing rapidly as cities adapt, becoming more flexible and dynamic, built for creativity while also catering to specific industries and workers individually. They’re also being shared by people who don’t need the space and expense of their own office!

Check out these ideas for coworking spaces in San Francisco and nearby areas, so you can find one that captures your interests in particular.

Workshop Café

Known as one of the most beloved coworking spaces in San Francisco, Workshop Café offers a cozy and inviting environment with a coffee shop milieu that is free of distractions. Tall ceilings and wide desks ensure you’re comfortable while you work, and the social contact ensures lots of energy that is sure to keep you working productively. Its popularity also ensures the days are never without the chance to network with other entrepreneurs, writers, and techies passionate about digital content!

Location 1: 180 Montgomery Street, San Francisco

Location 2: 25 Spear Street, San Francisco

Amenities: Onsite café. Check in with their app and pay as you go.

Pricing: $3 per hour to start, with additional discounts the longer you stay.


DropDesk @ Forager’s Present

Located on Valencia Street in the SF Mission on the ground floor of a luxury condo building, Foragers Present offers an Artisan concept boutique coworking and event space with commercial kitchen (on premises beer & wine). The space features great light and high ceilings in a brand new modern rustic space making it the perfect venue to work from.  Forager’s Present is now  Open to DropDesk members drop in and collaborate!

Location 1: 1186 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Amenities: Onsite café, free wifi, coffee and tea. Check in with DropDesk.

Pricing: $3 per hour to start, with additional discounts the longer you stay.



Galvanize offers a rustic, yet modern interior, that is comfortable and cozy. There is a range of workshops and boot camps designed to motivate! Galvanize is where to go when you want to make your brand a success and when you need a bit of assistance in getting started, with access to resources and plenty of inspiration.

Location: 44 Tehama St., San Francisco

Amenities: Free coffee, fifteen spacious conference rooms, lounges, onsite café, and workshops.

Pricing: Dedicated desks are $550 and $750 per month, while private offices are $3800 per month.



WeWork offers a combination lounge and café setting, with cool, bright colors, and a relaxing atmosphere. There is a plethora of comfortable areas for lounging, as well as desks on offer. Their large windows ensure a view of the neighborhood and you never feel like you’re working in a traditional, stuffy office!

Location 1: 156 2nd St., San Francisco

Location 2: 44 Montgomery St., San Francisco

Location 3: 1161 Mission St., San Francisco

Location 4: 415 Mission St., San Francisco

Amenities: Pet-friendly, free coffee and fruit water, print stations, private phone booths, event spaces with upscale décor (including marble-topped tables).

Pricing: Hot desks are $370 per month, dedicated desks are $500 per month, and private offices $700 per month.


Regus San Francisco

Regus boasts a relaxing atmosphere that combines an office with an upscale home kitchen! Their interiors are a blend of rustic and modern, for a casual yet clean and welcoming environment. Coworking in a team environment also ensures you always have a chance to network—it’s easy to connect here for your business or startup.

Location: 1390 Market Street, Suite 200, San Francisco

Amenities: Several meeting and conference rooms, as well as private offices to rent, and onsite kitchen.

Pricing: Unlimited access to coworking spaces costs $299 per month, with flexible and reduced pricing for shorter leases.


Impact Hub San Francisco

Impact Hub offers a relaxing atmosphere that resembles the inside of a cozy San Francisco residence, perfect for networking and startup support. The beautiful interior is like home, ensuring you can relax while networking, and get creative.

Location: 1885 Mission Street, San Francisco.

Amenities: Event spaces, community connection programs, and startup support. Impact Hub also has over a hundred locations around the world, so it’s an excellent option for making connections outside your domestic industry.

Pricing: Basic membership is $50 per month, hot desks are $225 per month for standard business hours, and $375 for 24/7 access.


RocketSpace San Francisco

With a streamlined, modern appearance, RocketSpace is a favorite for techies and tech entrepreneurs. Half of their member startups operate on an international level, making this space a great choice for networking beyond your local area. The cool and open interior is like an exclusive club and facilitates the support of other startups and techies.

Location: 123 Mission St., Floor 16, San Francisco

Amenities: Free cloud computing credits, weekly power hours, onsite showers, access to networking (including speakers and other professionals).

Pricing: From $1100 per desk per month.


MindSpace Coworking

MindSpace offers an eclectic, hip vibe that is sure to get you energized! Their coffee bar and soda fountain also ensure you’re as comfortable as possible for when you need to hunker down and focus. Seating is a mixture of sofas, bar chairs, and stools, and traditional desk areas, too, so you’re sure to find the best spot to get your creative juices flowing.

Location: 575 Market Street, San Francisco.

Amenities: Open 24 hours a day, community events, kitchenette onsite for food preparation.

Pricing: $600 per month for community desks, private offices big enough for two starts at $1075, with larger spaces available as well.


TechSpace Coworking

With ultra-modern décor and room for three hundred people, TechSpace is an excellent option for anyone who needs a clean and inviting space for themselves and their team. Complete with a games room and lots of modern art, the bright interior ensures you never feel like you’re stuck in a standard office. This place has heart.

Location: 77 Geary Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco.

Amenities: Tea and coffee, a fully stocked kitchen, games room, library, and lots of nearby dining, retail, and other attractions to visit within walking distance.

Pricing: Hot desks at $300 per month, office spaces available in a range of prices, and remote access for $50 per month.


The Assembly

Designed for women entrepreneurs and startups, The Assembly is in a former church, with bright décor and lots of cozy seating for networking and getting things done! The Assembly is designed with wellness in mind, encouraging women to care for themselves while working and reaching their full potential.

Location: 449 14th St., San Francisco

Amenities: For women only, hot and cold beverages, wellness classes, and fitness events. You are allowed guests for up to two hours per day.

Pricing: $70 for a day pass, monthly memberships start at $250


The Wing

Founded by women and designed for women only, The Wing offers a cozy library-inspired environment with lots of shared workspace meant to encourage and inspire! The Wing also provides a safe working place for women in the era of the #MeToo movement, ensuring its occupants can comfortably concentrate on work and know that their collaborations and input are welcome.

Location: 115 Sansome St., San Francisco

Amenities: Women only, free beverages, pump rooms, and cozy corners for new mothers, beauty rooms, showers, and an onsite café.

Pricing: $215 per month for coworking


The Hivery

Providing a garden-like atmosphere worthy of Instagram, with lots of bright sunlight and oversized windows, The Hivery is a perfect address for women entrepreneurs and workers. The Hivery is known for being the coworking space producing the most female startups, so you know it’s a perfect spot for networking contact and support.

Location: 38 Miller Avenue, San Francisco

Amenities: A variety of workspaces, a guide to mentoring, networking events, and opportunities for collaboration.

Pricing: $35 per month for virtual office space, $395 per month for 24/7 access to coworking space, and other flexible membership plans.



WerqWise offers a casually elegant yet warm environment, complete with oversized lounge chairs, a kitchen, and even a bar! The space is perfect for networking or finding a bit of privacy to get things done. The warm interior takes advantage of natural light, offering a blend of warm and bright tones, ensuring you’ll find a spot that’s perfect for your creative needs.

Location: 149 New Montgomery St., San Francisco

Amenities: Concierge service, kitchen, plenty of meeting rooms, and onsite bar,

Pricing: $45 per month to access their facilities and events, $120 per month to access their lounge areas, and hot desks for $380 per month.


Runway San Francisco

The Runway offers a casual, coffee shop vibe, perfect for networking and relaxing while getting some work done (or finding inspiration for a blog!). There is also access to legal and media in terms of startup support. The Runway is known for connecting startups with established corporations, making it a daily spot for entrepreneurs as well as those looking to mentor or invest!

Location: 1355 Market Street, San Francisco

Amenities: Networking events and Google cloud credits. It’s located in the Twitter building so there are many chances to meet with other techies and experts.

Pricing: Memberships are tailor-made.


The Minnesota Street Project

Designed for artists, the Minnesota Street Project offers design and gallery space for your creative work. For those struggling to get started or who need some inspiration, this is a perfect spot for networking and meeting others in the art industry. It’s reflective of an upmarket workshop café combined with a pop-up fair you might find on any street San Francisco creatives do their thing.

Location: 1275 Minnesota St., San Francisco

Amenities: Onsite restaurant, climate-controlled storage, and installation. The location is also available to host your own event.

Pricing: Tailor-made for individuals.


The Center for New Music

As the name implies, the Center for New Music is a prime networking and collaboration spot for musicians of all calibers. The interior provides a fun and funky city vibe, with exposed brick and casual décor for one of the most inspired pacific workplaces around. Even if you don’t sing or play, you can join the Center for New Music and enjoy collaborating, providing feedback, and otherwise supporting budding new musicians. There are also art exhibits and exclusive concerts for members. Why not pop them an email and find out more?

Location: 55 Taylor St., San Francisco

Amenities: Desk space for working, private rehearsal rooms, a large library with both books and music titles.

Pricing: $15 per day minimum, hot desks at $125 per month, dedicated desks $200 per month, and virtual access at $25 per month.


The Laundry

Designed for artists, The Laundry offers an eclectic look with exposed brick walls, lots of leather furniture, and a cozy atmosphere. There is plenty of space for displaying your artwork or for working as a team or individually.

Location: 3359 26th St., San Francisco

Amenities: Onsite café includes a selection of beer and wine, available collaborations and team mergers, and an impressive list of teambuilding exercises.

Pricing: tailor-made and available to individuals only



More than just a coworking space, Roam is for co-living as well! Located in a former archbishop’s mansion, furniture in Roam is custom-made and designed for comfort and style. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to collaborate without watching the clock, or who need short-term housing and room to work as well.

Location: 1000 Fulton St., San Francisco

Amenities: Each tenant at Roam gets a private bedroom and bathroom.

Pricing: Starting at $500 per week and ranging upwards of $1200 per week.



With a bold and vibrant color scheme, Spaces is one of the best spots San Francisco coworking spaces. The entire location is clean and bright, so you know you won’t get worn down while finding inspiration! Furniture is an eclectic mix of lounge areas and fun seating, which might even bring out the kid in you!

Location 1: Spaces Mission and 3rd at 95 Third St., 2nd floor, San Francisco

Location 2: Spaces Levi’s Plaza at 1160 Battery Street East, San Francisco

Amenities: Networking events, membership allows access to all Spaces location around the world, and meeting spaces available to rent.

Pricing: Co-working desks start at $378 per month, and permanent spots start at $547 per month.



Bespoke is designed for those who want to collaborate on retail projects and processes, with a bold and open plan office that encourages friendly networking with others underneath an impressive dome canopy. The interior of Bespoke resembles a department store so you know you won’t lack for inspiration!

Bespoke offers everything needed to make your retail endeavor a success, including mentoring and presentations.

Location: 845 Market Street, San Francisco

Amenities: Retail startup support including networking events, beta testing, growth models, and private conference rooms.

Pricing: Day passes at $35, hot desks at $416 per month, and dedicated desks at $644 per month.


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