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The 10 Best Conference Room Chairs For The Office


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When it comes to running your business, we know you spend seemingly endless time planning projects, taking care of clients, and working with your team to keep everything running smoothly. But when it comes to teamwork and collaboration, the details are everything! Have you taken a look at your office chairs recently? Are they outdated and worn? Are they even comfortable? Do they match the aesthetic of the rest of your office? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it might be time to upgrade and refresh your conference rooms in a big (and practical) way.

With just this simple change you can make your team comfortable and your office stylish. It may seem trivial, but it’s really more important than you might think, and when you’re seated in freshly curated seats, you’ll thank yourself for thinking this through – and your colleagues will too! The chairs you choose have the power to transform your office into a place your staff loves to be. Keep them comfortable and at ease in the conference room or office and encourage higher creativity, productivity, and happiness in the workplace.

With hundreds of choices, it can be overwhelming to find the right fit for you and your team, so we have done the hard work for you and curated a list of the top ten best conference room chairs based on what matters most to you. Whether you’re looking for chairs that wow with unique style, chairs made from materials that will last a lifetime, or options that are easy to move around, we have you covered. Now brew a fresh cup of coffee, pull up a seat (don’t worry, you’ll be in a better one soon), and peruse our list of favorites.

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1: The Most Comfortable Chair: SP Velvet Chair

Product Highlights

  • Material: Textile, Velvet
  • Size: 22.4 x 21.7 x 41.7 inches
  • Shape: Square High Back

If a comfortable conference room experience is your top priority, you will love this SP velvet chair for its specialty design that caters to the comfort and health of its customers. Just make sure all your business meetings and presentations are interesting and entertaining or your colleagues might just fall asleep in these soft, cushy chairs.

Back pain and neck aches will be things of the past after work days spent in this modern chair that features a contoured back, lumbar support, and a unique shape that naturally encourages better posture. Plus, with 360-degree swiveling capability, rolling wheels, and a foam-filled velvet seat, you’ll be sitting pretty in this beauty from team meeting to strategy session and everything in between.

2: The Most Stylish Chair: Duhome Modern Chair 

Product Highlights

  • Material: Textile, Velvet
  • Size: 31 x 23.75 x 31 inches
  • Shape: Curved Petal Back

Say goodbye to boring, drab conference rooms and spice up your work space with this chic and fun gem of a chair! Your entire office will look like it got a major makeover with just this one simple change.

But don’t worry, we know you aren’t up for sacrificing comfort for style – the Duhome chair has it all! The comfortable seat is generously padded and carefully wrapped in a velvet upholstery that lends itself to both the comfort and look of the chair. Enjoy an adjustable height option and 360-degree swivel too.

If you’re the creative type that likes to color outside the lines, you’ll love this option. Plus, with seven color choices, you can customize your space with a signature flair or really spice it up with a multi-colored combination that will invite your clients and colleagues in with a fun and fancy look. Get creative and have fun!

3: The Most Affordable Chair: Furmax Office Chair

Product Highlights

  • Material: Mesh
  • Size: 23.2 x 11 x 22.8 inches
  • Shape: Wing Back

Our most inexpensive option is light on price but still heavy on comfort and style! If your business is a startup or non-profit that has a limited budget or you need a large quantity of chairs and don’t want to break the bank, the Furmax Office Chair should be at the top of your consideration list!

Described as “unbelievable for the price” by a particularly happy customer, this option sports a modern and ergonomic design, lumbar support, and a breathable mesh backing. Swivel wheels that turn all the way around make for a glideable and easy-to-use chair for any floor type.

As a fun bonus, the Furmax Office Chair comes in a variety of colors, perfect for your super chic and hip city startup with a bright orange or lime green theme, and with a price tag well under $50, it’s hard to say no.

4: The Most Popular Chair: Amazon Basics Chair

Product Highlights

  • Material: Polyurethane bonded leather
  • Size: 29.1 x 26.2 x 41.7-45.5 inches
  • Shape: High Back

This chair boasts over 11,000 five-star ratings and is part of the popular Amazon Basics line. The high back executive style keeps you looking professional and feeling comfortable all day. The high-quality padding and curved back keep you supported and secure so you can be your best self, no matter how long your meeting or intense your project might be.

The Amazon Basics chair is also a versatile pick that can accommodate many different people with an adjustable height, angle, and rocking motion. All of this comes in an attractive bonded leather material that is cost-effective but still luxe looking. And did we mention this chair also has a 360-degree swivel and rolling wheels? It’s the perfect option for anyone who wants to listen to the majority and go with a popular pick instead of spending too much time mulling it over on their own.

5: The Most Compact Chair: BTExpert Chair

Product Highlights

  • Material: Upholstered premium PU leather
  • Size: 21 x 21 x 32 inches
  • Shape: Mid Back

Do you have limited space in your conference rooms or offices? If so, you’ll want to opt for a space-saving, compact chair that still offers comfort for your staff. Enter this mid back, armless number with a ribbed designer look and consider your search for the perfect chair a success!

BTExpert skipped the arms to save space while still packing all the features you want and love in this little, compact number. Comfortable seat padding and contoured cushions support the body but the modern and sleek design paired with a chrome border will support the style of your office – all while saving the precious space you have to work with! This one even comes equipped with a 360-degree swivel and height adjustment! Perhaps good things do come in small packages.

6: The Most Timeless Chair: Sterling Chair

Product Highlights

  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 30 x 26.75 x 45 inches
  • Shape: 

If you’re looking to upgrade your chairs and use them for decades, opt for genuine leather with a classic design that won’t soon go out of style. Leather chairs get better with age so you won’t have to worry about wearing them out or having to replace them again in a few years – or even a few decades!

The Sterling Chair sports a nicely padded back and set of armrests, plus an ergonomic design and 120-degree reclining feature for versatility and optimum comfort. The epitome of opulence, this executive chair even promotes healthy blood circulation and proper spinal alignment with its thoughtful design. With a look and feel that will impress even your most sophisticated clients, this is the chair to choose if you’re looking to go all out and keep your office looking professional, inviting, and downright fancy!

7: The Most Portable Chair: Giantex Stackable Chairs

Product Highlights

  • Material: Steel, Sponge
  • Size: 24.5 x 22.5 x 31.5 inches
  • Shape: Open Back

If you’re in need of durable yet stackable chairs that you can transport, uncomfortable plastic isn’t your only option. Whether you’re planning to move offices soon, you need to move chairs around the building, or just want to stay flexible and have the option to move chairs around, opt for these stackable chairs, sold as a set of five.

Giantex chairs have a unique way of melding a low-profile, modern design that could fit nearly any office design while still being comfortable and breathable. Featuring a heavy duty metal frame that is durable enough to stay intact when being transported yet not too heavy to easily carry, this option is the optimal solution for those looking for an easy-to-store and simple to move option.

8: The Most Ergonomic Chair: Steelcase Chair

Product Highlights

  • Material: Textile
  • Size: 23.63 x 29.05 x 44.5 inches
  • Shape: High Back

Purchasing a chair with a 12-year warranty and hundreds of happy customers is not a great risk to take. If a chair that is simply the most comfortable and the best for your health and well-being sounds like music to your ears, splurge for the highly-adjustable Steelcase chair.

Customization features include, seat depth, arms, seat height, and multiple recline positions. Plus, the seat is specially designed to accommodate all day comfort and has built in air pockets to relieve pressure. Special back technology acts like the natural movement of your spine and keeps you from twisting into unnatural positions while you’re deep in concentration at work.

The durability is unmatched in this chair, so only choose it if you’re ready to commit to the same chairs for a while. If you hate the hassle of change, you’ll love that these chairs are high-quality and will likely last for years to come.

9: The Most Unique Chair: Safco Zenergy Ball Chair

Product Highlights

  • Material: Steel
  • Size: 17.5 x 17.5 x 24 inches
  • Shape: Round

If a conversation piece is what you’re in search of, look no further than this funky and fresh chair. This is the perfect option for you if your conference room is more like a casual brainstorming hub and your team are the creative type who like to think outside the box – or chair. Consider going for something special like this ball-style option. Team members can keep their bodies moving and their brains stimulated with this active-sitting solution.

Combine the multitude of color options and height choices with its unique look and feel, and you have the perfect recipe for an office addition your colleagues will be chatting about all day. With a design that promotes healthy muscle strength and a product that empowers users to stay concentrated and inspired, you might just see your team’s morale and productivity shoot through the roof with this bouncy choice.

10: The Best Overall Chair: Hbada Chair

Product Highlights

  • Material: Mesh
  • Size: 23.6 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches
  • Shape: Round

If you’ve made it all the way to number ten without a chair jumping out as the best fit for you, opt for the winner of our “Best Overall” category. This option is the goldilocks of chairs – it’s just right! With all the features you expect, an affordable price point, and over 7,000 five-star reviews, you can’t go wrong.

Described as simple, breathable, space saving, and adjustable, you can have it all in a durable, comfortable package. It even comes in a high-contrast white color for an unexpected yet classic pop of fun.

Now that you have gotten the lowdown on the best of the best chairs, peruse your options, choose which chair fits the style and needs of your office and colleagues, and place your order when you’re ready to up your work life game considerably! Upgraded comfort and an even happier team await. Happy sitting!

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