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Choose a Plan

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Space That Meets Your Needs!

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Workspace Alternatives

Alternative to Having a Private Office

Why lock yourself into a long-term lease when you can get all the benefits of a private office on a month to month membership? With DropDesk, you can use all of our locations under one membership without the commitment. If you are always travelling,have remote meetings or need more than one location to do business, DropDesk is your perfect solution.

Alternative to Working From Home

Its very easy isolate yourself from your peers by working from home. Although comfortable, you can greatly limit your productivity,networking, and above all community engagement.

Alternative to Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are great for gaining a sense of community, increasing your productivity and have great amenities. Unfortunately the average coworking space has around one location, meaning its difficult to use the same membership across many locations.

Alternative to Coffee Shops

It is hard a good workspace experience in a coffee shop as there is no gurantee you are going to get a seat, be on secure wifi,or find an outlet near you.