Becoming a DropDesk Host | The Essentials

We recommend all hosts provide the essentials so our members have what they need and have a productive work session.

All over the world coworking spaces have been increasing in popularity over the past few years and Austin is no exception.

What is expected of DropDesk Hosts?

Consistent schedule

Please ensure that your venue hours of operation have a consistent schedule. Members want to work from places they can readily rely on.

  • Be open at least 2 days a week. It will allow members to get into the habit of working from your location
  • Avoid closing earlier than 5 pm, no one likes to get kicked out halfway through the workday.

Accurate & Professional DropDesk Listing

No one likes a catfish. Please be honest in your DropDesk profile. Set the right expectations so workers understand if your location fits their needs.

  • Provide members with detailed instructions regarding your address and access to your venue through your host dashboard.
  • Ensure pictures of your venue are properly staged with great lighting and are up to date and representative of its current condition. If needed, hiring a professional photographer goes a long way.
  • Write a detailed description of the space and surrounding amenities
  • Be clear about your Host Policies and set clear rules around what you do and don’t allow

Productive Workspace

Please ensure that your space has the below essential amenities and that all the amenities listed in your profile are present and available at the location.

  • High-speed WiFi
  • Power outlets (an extension is strongly recommended)
  • Tables, chairs, and comfortable areas to work from
  • Glasses/water
  • Restroom (with toilet paper)
  • Coffee/tea

Communication is Key

Things happen. Let members know you are available to help. Make sure your contact number is up-to-date in your profile.

  • Provide a note to members on how to contact you if you are not in the space.
  • If you listing changes be sure to communicate this to members in advance.


Members will expect the spaces they access to be clean and tidy, and resemble the pictures on your DropDesk profile. Make sure you give yourself enough time to clean before members arrive.

What’s expected

  • Clean every room members can access, especially restrooms, and other common areas such as the kitchen.
  • Check that there’s no hair, dust, debris, or mold on surfaces and floors.
  • Ensure trash is taken out and does not smell.
  • Frequently inspect areas to ensure everything is in order.
  • Leave some cleaning supplies and instructions in your space so members can clean after themselves.

If you consistently receive low cleanliness ratings or don’t follow DropDesk policies, you may be subject to penalties.

Member Check-in

Please make sure you actively review your email and DropDesk dashboard to receive member booking notifications.

Best practices

  • Write clear instructions for amenities (coffee, wifi,…) through your host dashboard – when members book your space they will see the instructions allowing for a smooth check-in.
  • If you greet members in person, be sure to show them around the different spaces they can access, where to work, and how to use the amenities to ensure they are comfortable.
  • Ensure extensions for power outlets are available and provide clear instructions on how to get water or coffee and where the restroom is.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines Check-List for Hosts

To ensure the safety of our hosts and guests, we’re asking each host to commit to our new safety guidelines.

1) Reduce capacity to ensure proper physical distancing (one seat per member 6-feet away from each other).

2) Make hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes available to members. Sanitize common areas and frequently touched surfaces prior to each booking.

3) Request members to sanitize their work area with wipes when leaving

4) Reinforce safety protocols with strategically-placed signage

5) Keep the space ventilated during bookings

6) Promote outdoor and fully private work areas (where possible)

7) Request members to wear face masks at all times (possibly allowing them to remove them when seated at their work station, 6 feet away from anyone else).

8) Check the temperature of members entering your space.

9) Ask members to cancel bookings if they are not feeling well.

10) Keep a contact tracing log.

11) Thoroughly clean the space 2x per day (morning before opening and night at closing).