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So, if you have a coworking space, or are looking to create a coworking space and/or ways you can monetize those empty chairs – look no further, below we will cover the essentials on what you will need to do to increase your workspace visibility.

In this article, we will cover strategies that we have used to personally fill our own coworking spaces, along with some creative ways to advertise your space to your local community.

1. Differentiation is Key

There is no question that the coworking space industry is becoming more and more popular. One of the important elements is how will you differentiate your space from the rest? Prior to moving forward with a coworking marketing strategy, you first have to identify why people should consider using your space over others.

What are the benefits your coworking space has over your competitors? Is it your space’s amenities, community, services, or industry niche? By looking at what makes your space different, you can increase your chances of success. You need to get more granular than just aesthetics or having a “beautiful space”. The goal is to market something that cannot easily be replicated. Your members or potential members are looking for something that is uniquely individualized when they are considering your space. Maybe it’s a sense of community, networking opportunities, or simply wanting to learn more about how to run their business.

Take the time to listen to your members and provide value rather than just “space amenities”.

2. Create a Website

Once you have developed what your niche is, you will need to ensure that you are constantly letting customers know why you are different and the value you can provide to them. Your message should be reflected in all of your marketing strategies.

This means creating a professional website for your coworking space. Yes, your business is real-estate and, yes, your customers can walk into your space – but your site is a representation of your brand and usually a customer’s first impression of your workspace. Do not underestimate the impact your website can have as part of your sales strategy for your coworking space. First impressions are everything!

Platforms You Can Use To Create A Coworking Space Website: