Flexible Plans For Remote Teams

Easily manage your employees by allowing them to work remotely from fully-furnished, work-ready spaces when away from the office.

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Cut Operation Costs

DropDesk makes it easier and more affordable than ever to give your company the benefit of flexibility. Cut your operating costs by expanding locations with an affordable month-to-month workspace membership. No more long-term leases or commitments. Your employees can easily access a network of inspiring workspaces carefully designed to promote peak productivity.

Remote Work Increases Employee Happiness

It’s no secret that when employees are happy, they deliver their best work. In fact, studies show you can gain an extra 4+ hours of output per week from flexible workers who cut the commute. With access to conveniently-located coworking spaces, your employees can easily book workspaces no matter where they are. Finally, employees can cut down on commute time, and spend more time checking off the tasks and projects on their to-do list.

Employer Insights

Gain visibility over-bookings and time used, so you can see who is working, and when. Armed with these unique insights, you can make data-driven decisions on employee scheduling, hiring and management with complete confidence.

Advertise Your Business Services

List your products and services on our online marketplace. DropDesk increases your businesses visibility on the web, allowing you to attract your ideal customers and clients.

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