The All-in One Toolkit For Coworking Space Managers

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Basic Features

Manage All of Your Locations in One Place

Unlimited Venues

White labeled portals

Subadmins with permission control

Manage historical billing data and rent roll

Real-time reporting

Create Custom Packages For Your Space

Meeting room, office, and membership management

Real-time check-in

Charge hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly

Automated member communication

Customize amenities

Assign packages across all venues with one click

View All Activity On One Dashboard

View bookings, customer check-ins, and event details

Add events in real time

Filter calendar across all venues

Historical booking

Seamless Member Management

Assign team lead for corporate accounts

Change member subsciptions and payment details

Customize booking permissions and access hours

Allocate conference room credits

Account Management

Become a Dropzone

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