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DropDesk is the only platform that offers coworking software, digital marketing, and ways to monetize unused space from one portal.

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How It Works

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The Powered by DropDesk Program Is Perfect For You If:

  • You are tired of adding your coworking space and inventory on listing sites with little to no results
  • You don’t want to offer discounted rates on platforms that cannibalize your current memberships
  • You want ONE provider that understands both your software and marketing needs
  • You want to learn more about how to enhance your digital strategy from a team that has shown results
  • Your current SEO & Ad Spend budget is at a minimum of $2,000/mo

Partner Benefits

  • As a Partner on May 1, 2020, you will be invited to use our coworking software for free¬†
  • Work with our team to develop a custom SEO strategy to help attract new members to your space
  • Promote your space on DropDesk and advertise to our community
  • Join our Slack community of space owners and access to webinars to gain high-value skills

Our Promise

  • We will only accept you as a client if we truly believe we can help
  • Our program has been in operation for years and was designed by coworking space owners who have gone through extensive (and continuing) education
  • We will be there with you every step of the way and make ourselves available whenever you need us

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Market your coworking space, gain recurring revenue and access DropDesk partner benefits

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Coworking Management Software

Power your space with our optional free coworking management software. Automate member management, billing, and more.

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Need Digital Marketing Agency Services?

If you are looking for more than lead generation our team can help implement the best SEO & PPC practices for your coworking space.

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