How To Automate Your Coworking Space


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In this article, we are going to uncover ways you can enhance your coworking digital strategy by automating certain tasks, allowing you to focus on the operations that matter. At the end of this article, we will be offering a special deal to coworking spaces that want to get involved in the beta release of our coworking chat and marketing software.

What Should You Automate?

It’s important to note that we can definitely get carried away by trying to put everything on autopilot. A rule of thumb would be to focus on what daily tasks take away your time and hinder you from running a successful coworking space. With that being said, community-driven initiatives, events, and driving value to your members, should be the focus of your brand (and done manually).

Step 1: Coworking Software That Doesn’t Hinder Growth

At DropDesk, we believe that coworking software should reward spaces for their growth rather than charge significantly more as membership and locations grow. Take the time to consider what each coworking management software offers and how it will impact your bottom line. If a majority of your processes are built around your technology partner, it can be hard to transition.

With The DropDesk Platform, You Can Scale Your Space To Unlimited Locations & Members For No Additional Fees.


  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Convert more one-off users into full-time members with online marketing.
  • Automate customer billing and rent roll.
  • Real-time reporting on check-ins, bookings, and purchases.
  • Self-managed member accounts, custom packages, and calendar.
  • Manage all your locations organized in one simple dashboard!

Step 2: Implement A Coworking Digital Strategy

If you need some insight on how to market your coworking space you can refer to the hyperlinked article for a refresher. Your coworking marketing strategy serves as the foundation for brand awareness. If you have both the time and know-how to conduct keyword research, optimize your onsite SEO, hire content writers, and create outreach strategies for your coworking space, then you should spend the time to develop and perfect your strategy.

Tip #1: If you don’t have the time, you should outsource your strategy -consider using a niche marketing company that understands the industry and business you are in.

Ok, so what companies can help with my coworking search engine optimization?

  • Research companies that are actively working with established coworking space brands.
  • Do your homework and request case studies, client references, and testimonials.
  • At DropDesk, we provide a robust Coworking SEO Solution. Check it out :).

Step 3: Qualify & Engage Incoming Leads Using ChatBots and Drip Campaigns

In a new digital era, conversational marketing and instant answers play a huge role when customers are considering making a purchase decision. Providing instant support, handling website inquiries are two important ways you can gauge buyer intent and where they are in the sales funnel. How can you provide this level of support if you are a small team or independent workspace? At DropDesk, we created a chatbot and marketing automation software to help coworking spaces solve this problem!


Capture and convert more leads

Send automated responses to engage leads with personalized emails or texts.

Collect data from customers

Create chat bots using our visual builder. Choose custom triggers, questions and messages to understand what your leads want. Automate tasks allowing you to focus on conversions.

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